Why rent my apartment through a real estate agency?

Anyone who intends to find rental property wonders: Is it better to rent my apartment through a real estate agent or through a private individual?

The most advisable option will always be the one that offers more guarantees and security because it is a serious matter as it is the place where we will live for a certain period of time.

1-Bedroom Apartment to let in Kings Wharf Quay Gibraltar

Advantages of renting my apartment through a real estate agency

Although initially hiring the services of a real estate agency may seem like an economic expense, in the long run, it can be an advantage.

It is so both for owners who want to rent a house, as well as for tenants who are looking for a home in which to settle. In any case, you are interested in knowing what are the benefits of a real estate agency.

Landlords: Advantages of renting an apartment through a real estate agency

Even though some landlords may jump into renting without a real estate agency, it can bring some headaches. There is a lot of information that we are not familiar with, as well as all the documentation and paperwork that is needed to do it correctly and without misunderstandings.

In this sense, it is important to have a specialized company to solve all the doubts and paperwork so that renting an apartment is really an easy and beneficial task.

And, what advantages do owners have when renting an apartment through a real estate agency? We will tell you about them below:

1.Selection of tenants

Sometimes, among the owners, there are some fears of finding defaulting tenants who cannot afford to pay the monthly rent. And it is that it has happened on several occasions that the owner feels unprotected before the right to conserve his housing and to do without the tenants who occupy it.

In this sense, a professional real estate company makes a careful and rigorous study to offer quality tenants with a very low delinquency rate.

In addition, these companies also attract people looking to rent through a stable and professional environment.

2. Orientation and profitability

The real estate sector is very changeable. In this sense, getting the price and conditions right to get the most out of a property is a task that requires current market information.

One of the main tasks of an agent is to help the owner to get the maximum possible profitability out of his property to generate the desired benefits.

3. Legal advice

We already know that in legal terms many times things can escape us because the information sometimes is complex. In this sense, it gives a lot of confidence to have a specialist in the sector who can advise the lessor on what type of lease and contract is the most beneficial.

4. Drafting and signing the contract

We all know the famous “abusive clauses” that we can find in any contract. If we talk about rental contracts we have to pay even more attention. This is why a specialized agent will be able to draft it without surprises, benefiting the interests of both parties.

1-Bedroom Apartment to let in Kings Wharf Quay Gibraltar

5. Incident and needs management

The work of a quality real estate agent does not end when the contract is signed. Managing and resolving any type of incident or need of the tenants is also part of the service. In this way, both the owner and the tenant benefit, since the agency acts quickly and efficiently.

Tenants: Advantages of renting an apartment through a real estate agency.

In the same way, a tenant needs to know what advantages he will obtain in order to choose to look for an apartment to rent through a real estate agency. These are the main ones to take into account:

1.Competitive prices

A good real estate agent knows perfectly the average prices of the apartments in each specific area of the city. That is why an agency will always have a good quality-price relationship with the properties they offer.

2. Time-saving

Can you imagine having an expert help you find your home? This is what happens with a real estate agency. By listening to your needs, a professional will advise you to find the option that best suits your needs.

3. Apartments in good condition

Before each visit, and once an apartment has been vacated, the conditions of the property are checked and verified so that it is possible to live in it without problems. One more guarantee that makes the tenant not worry about anything.

4. Professionalism with data processing

Special care must be taken with the free sharing of data. On many occasions, in order to ensure that a future tenant does not have liquidity problems, important documentation such as a payslip, an employment contract, or a tax return is requested. It is very important to give this information to the right person to avoid suffering problems with our privacy.

5. Legal advice

Knowing how to read and interpret all the clauses is sometimes complex. In this sense, any doubt that may arise is clarified by the agent, so that the tenant is aware of each point of the contract and the property.

Take into consideration what you need and what fits best with your requirements to make the right decision.

Undoubtedly, when you want to do things in a transparent and professional way, resorting to the help of a specialist will always be the most recommended option. CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR offers you a wide range of services that benefit both the property owner and the tenant.

1-Bedroom Apartment to let in Kings Wharf Quay Gibraltar

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