Understanding Cat 2 Status in Gibraltar

Cat 2 Status in Gibraltar and High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills (HEPPS) status are exclusive residency programs tailored to attract affluent individuals and skilled professionals to Gibraltar. While they share certain similarities, they also have distinct attributes and offer different tax benefits.

Exploring Cat 2 Status in Gibraltar

Category 2 residency status is designed for individuals who intend to establish Gibraltar as their primary residence and possess significant wealth. To qualify for Cat 2 status, applicants must meet specific criteria, including a minimum net worth and proof of financial stability. They must also secure suitable accommodation in Gibraltar and show no intention of engaging in employment within the territory, except for activities related to their investments and business interests.

One of the primary attractions of Cat 2 status is its favourable tax regime. Cat 2 individuals are taxed only on the first £105,000 of their assessable income, with a maximum annual tax liability of £37,310. This means that any income earned over £105,000 is essentially tax-free in Gibraltar, making it an appealing option for wealthy individuals seeking tax efficiency.

In addition to the tax benefits, Cat 2 residents enjoy Gibraltar’s stable political and economic environment, attractive lifestyle, and pleasant climate. They also have access to a wide range of financial and business services, including banking, investment management, and legal and accounting expertise.

Understanding High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills (HEPPS) Status

HEPPS status is targeted at high-level executives and individuals with specialized skills who are employed by qualifying Gibraltar-based companies. To be eligible for HEPPS status, applicants must hold a senior management or technical position within the company and possess skills deemed essential to the company’s operations.

HEPPS status offers certain tax advantages similar to Cat 2 status, though specifics may vary based on individual circumstances and terms of employment. HEPPS individuals may benefit from Gibraltar’s low personal income tax rates and other tax incentives available to companies operating in Gibraltar.

A key difference between Cat 2 and HEPPS status is the employment requirement. While Cat 2 residents are generally not permitted to work in Gibraltar except for certain investment-related activities, HEPPS individuals are actively employed by Gibraltar-based companies and contribute to the local economy through their work.

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Main Differences Between Cat 2 and HEPPS Status

  1. Eligibility Criteria: Cat 2 status is open to individuals with significant wealth who wish to establish residency in Gibraltar, while HEPPS status is aimed at high-level executives and skilled professionals employed by Gibraltar-based companies.
  2. Tax Treatment: Both Cat 2 and HEPPS status offer tax advantages, but the specifics differ. Cat 2 residents have a maximum annual tax liability based on their assessable income, while HEPPS individuals benefit from low personal income tax rates and other tax incentives for Gibraltar-based companies.
  3. Employment Restrictions: Cat 2 residents are generally not permitted to engage in employment in Gibraltar except for investment-related activities, while HEPPS individuals are employed by Gibraltar-based companies and contribute to the local economy.

Key Conditions for Obtaining Category 2 Status

  • The individual must have substantial financial standing with a minimum net worth of £2 million.
  • The individual must own or rent approved residential accommodation in Gibraltar, exclusively for themselves and their direct family.
  • The individual must not have been a resident in Gibraltar during the five years preceding the assessment year.
  • The individual cannot engage in trade, business, or employment in Gibraltar, with certain exceptions.
  • The status is granted indefinitely but requires endorsement by the Gibraltar Finance Centre every three years.
  • The individual must have medical cover in Gibraltar.
  • There is no minimum stay requirement in Gibraltar for Cat 2 residents, as long as all conditions are met.

Significant Tax Advantages

Gibraltar’s favourable tax regime offers significant benefits to Cat 2 and HEPPS residents. For Cat 2 residents, the ability to cap their annual tax liability provides financial certainty and predictability. HEPPS individuals benefit from low personal income tax rates and other tax incentives, depending on their employment arrangements and the nature of their work.

Applying for Cat 2 Residency in Gibraltar

Our partner, Cornwalls Lane Ltd, is available to assist with your Cat 2 residency application in Gibraltar. They offer comprehensive services, including assistance with the application and immigration process and tax planning to optimize the benefits of your Cat 2 status.

Gibraltar Cat 2 Property Available for Sale

Approved residential accommodation in Gibraltar is available for Cat 2 individuals, ensuring compliance with residency requirements and providing luxurious living options.

By understanding the distinct features and benefits of Cat 2 and HEPPS statuses, you can make an informed decision about which residency program best suits your needs in Gibraltar.



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