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Gibraltar water sports activities. Largely surrounded by the sea, Gibraltar offers a wide variety of possibilities for the practice of water sports.

Whale watching

These maritime activities allow you to live a unique experience: whale watching. The waters of Gibraltar have a rich biodiversity that serves as food for seven different species of these animals. Pilot whales and dolphins, residents in the area, are visible throughout the year, while other species are visible during their migratory periods, when they cross the area, as is the case of killer whales, fin whales, and sperm whales. A common sight for those who live this experience is that of dolphins that decide to approach the boats and accompany them with acrobatic jumps.

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Diving in Gibraltar

If the spectacle on the surface is magnificent, the underwater landscape has nothing to envy. Gibraltar hides rich underwater flora and fauna. Its seabed is the most biologically diverse in Europe thanks to its unique geographical location and the cleanliness of its waters, constantly renewed by the currents that flow through the area. Diving enthusiasts can find here lush fields of gorgonians, bottoms covered with red calcareous algae, fauna from both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and unparalleled natural sites.

Dive locations

There are several wrecks to be unearthed, some of which date as far back as World War II and the Napoleonic periods. The Camp Bay artificial reef project is home to boxfish, damselfish, and anthias, as well as pipefish, Atlantic torpedo rays, octopus, and cuttlefish.

Gibraltar has numerous diving service suppliers.


Summertime in Gibraltar is a very popular time for sailing because of the pleasant weather and clear waters. It is possible to crew one of the many sailing vessels in Gibraltar or participate in sailing competitions at sailing clubs. There are also sailing courses available.

With a certified skipper, day charter trips or weeklong adventures can be planned. Lessons can also be completed while on a charter trip.

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Sea kayaking is a great activity for fishing, sightseeing, and recreation in Gibraltar. In Gibraltar, kayaks can be rented, and tour guides can be scheduled.


Gibraltar has a few sandy beaches, including:

Catalan Bay is Gibraltar’s second-largest and busiest beach. It is a small bay with a fishing community. The eastern side is where it is situated.
Camp Bay, a completely designed beach resort with a modest pool that faces the Atlantic,
Little Bay is an Atlantic-facing beach resort.
Eastern Beach is the largest of the sandy beaches and faces the Mediterranean on the north-eastern shore.
Sandy Bay is to the southeast. Parking is challenging, and few tourists typically visit.
A small sandy beach on the north side of the runway is called Western Beach.

Beach Volleyball

The quality of the sand is one of the aspects most valued by beach volleyball fans to choose their place.

Another of the aspects that people usually value the most is the type of sand because we want to run without sticking anything in our feet and with a sufficient amount of sand, and if that was not enough if the beach is big it is always much better because we will need to form the playing field and not be too close to the people sunbathing, to avoid unwanted balls.

If there is also a beach bar nearby to have a refreshing drink after the game, all the better. Sandy Bay has all the necessary requirements to enjoy this sport. It is a small bay located on the east coast of Gibraltar, on the opposite side of the main town. It is located south of La Caleta and is accessible via Sir Herbert Miles Road. It is possible to continue along this road to Europa Point, at the southern tip of Gibraltar, through the Dudley Ward Tunnel.

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