Acclimatized home in Gibraltar: 3 great advantages to consider

Acclimatized home in Gibraltar: Since ancient times, man has sought ways to achieve greater comfort, and has struggled against the climatic conditions of the place where he lives.

Today, it also ensures its well-being by following the same principles. Therefore, technology has put these elements to work, but in a more elaborate way.

Acclimatized home in Gibraltar

Surely, for greater comfort in your home you also have some air conditioning system, but do you know what are the benefits of having your home air-conditioned?

Acclimatized home in Gibraltar
Acclimatized home in Gibraltar

Advantages of having your house air-conditioned

1 – Acclimatized home in Gibraltar: Ventilation Having the house ventilated is essential to achieving clean air, thus preventing dust and harmful particles from entering our bodies.

2 – Acclimatized home in Gibraltar: Cooling and heating: As we have already mentioned, human beings have always sought comfort for a better quality of life. Therefore, the cooling and heating of home environments should be kept between 20° – 25° to avoid air dryness and sudden temperature changes with the outside.

Thermal comfort: With air conditioning systems you can achieve thermal stability at any time of the year.

3 – Acclimatized home in Gibraltar: Air filtering: Thanks to these air conditioning systems, you can filter the air and thus eliminate bacteria, mites, and fungi that can cause health problems such as allergies and respiratory problems.

A daily source of relaxation. After a long day at work or a week of stressful news, there’s nothing like a heated home for relaxation.

Having an air-conditioned house will give us greater comfort and for greater longevity of the air conditioning systems, we must take into account the quality of the devices and the importance of carrying out constant revisions and maintenance.

The cleaning of filters from time to time, the replacement of gas, and the correct adjustment of the temperature will allow a greater enjoyment of every corner of our home.

Advantages of underfloor heating

Acclimatized home in Gibraltar
Acclimatized home in Gibraltar

To air-condition the home in an environmentally friendly way and, incidentally, achieve interesting savings in the energy bill and thermal comfort we can opt for radiant air conditioning. An invisible system that offers many advantages.

Underfloor heating and cooling works on a natural principle that is based on heating or cooling surrounding surfaces. That is to say when the system works in heating mode, the hot surface gives up heat to the environment; while acting as cooling, the excessive heat is absorbed or discharged through the cold surface.

Among the many advantages to be highlighted about this air conditioning system, we find that you will achieve great savings on your energy bills. The system works with mild temperatures for a heat pump.

If we compare with an air heating system (fan coil) or low-temperature radiators, these need a minimum of 45-50º C. In the case of radiant heating, the system does not need more than 30º C, i.e. a saving of 15º C, which means an energy saving of 30% (it is calculated that for each degree there is an energy efficiency of 3%).

In the case of cooling, the systems produce cold water at 7-10º C, while radiant air conditioning works at 15º C, which is 25% more efficient.

This air conditioning is invisible.

Unlike heating by radiators or air conditioning (central with grilles or by splits), this type of system has no visual impact, as it is completely integrated into the space, regardless of the style of the house.

Maximum comfort

Traditional air conditioning systems disperse dust and spread it throughout the house, causing health problems for people with allergies or asthma, for example.

Radiant air conditioning, on the other hand, is a clean solution because it does not cause air currents and therefore does not move dust (which also considerably reduces the time spent cleaning the home).

In addition, the cold (or heat in winter) is distributed evenly throughout the room and does not produce any noise, so the feeling of indoor comfort is optimal as it is completely silent.

Acclimatized home in Gibraltar For Sale

Acclimatized home in Gibraltar
Acclimatized home in Gibraltar

In Gibraltar temperatures usually range from 10 degrees Celsius in winter to the low 30s in summer, although sometimes temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Living in an air-conditioned home in Gibraltar guarantees maximum comfort. The Eurocity building on the west side is one of the most modern buildings in Gibraltar. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, concealed Bluetooth speakers in bathrooms, USB sockets in the kitchen and bedrooms, ceramic tiled floors, a utility cupboard, a sprinkler system, heated towel rails, anti-fog mirrors, and underfloor heating.

Eurocity has a secure access control system, access-controlled lifts, video intercom systems, and a 24-hour CCTV security surveillance system.

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR has for sale a studio apartment in the residential complex Eurocity. It is located on the 18th floor, which guarantees spectacular views.

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