What is the ideal home for a retiree in Gibraltar?

The ideal home for a retiree in Gibraltar. Once the working life is over, retirement begins, a stage full of new opportunities. With this new cycle, the needs and routines that have been developing for decades change, and retirees face a reinvention of their life, taking into account aspects such as health, the future, children and grandchildren, the rest of the family, and, of course, their own happiness. But what does the ideal retirement home look like?

Housing is one of the most worrying issues when reaching this vital moment since many retirees choose to move away from the big cities, where they used to live in order to be close to their jobs, and move to the coast or places in the middle of nature. Be that as it may, the ideal home is a very subjective subject, but there are aspects that are common and should be taken into account, such as the district in which you want to live in the city.

Ideal housing for retirees: new needs

1-Bedroom Apartment For Sale in GibraltarRetirement implies new needs, so it is advisable to adapt the housing. In addition, it should have hospitals and health centers nearby, accessible public transport, etc. It is a perfect time to take advantage and spend more time with the family, so living close to them is another value to take into account when choosing a new home.

For example, if we think of the ideal home for retirees, it is preferable that the house has only one floor, in the case in the future the stairs become heavy, and have a garden or terrace where you can enjoy the sun and good weather, take care of the garden, plants, and turn it into a place for family gatherings and friendship.

In short, it is necessary to look for a house of rest where to be able to relax and maintain the so-wished peace in labor retirement. The environment is better if it has good views, green areas, and cultural centers nearby.

Houses must be adapted to the needs of those who live in them. An apartment shared by students is not the same as a family home with small children. Similarly, housing for the elderly must take into account their possible mobility limitations, facilitate accessibility, and prevent possible accidents.

And this applies to those who, having reached a certain age, decide to look for a new property to enjoy this vital stage. Adapting the home is so important that in some countries, especially in the United States, there is already an entire specialized professional field: Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS), experts in evaluating and recommending modifications to the homes of the elderly.

Here are some of the key issues to keep in mind.

Everything is close, but not in the way

Good lighting is essential to prevent falls or trips. Sockets and switches should be easily accessible and located in the most necessary places: next to the head of the bed, at the ends of a corridor, or at the beginning and end of stairs. They should also be at a suitable height so that they can be operated on without straining the body.

It is also important to avoid extension cords or loose cables (they can be fixed to the wall if necessary) and the presence of children’s toys or pets in passageways.

Prevention is better

To prevent accidents, it is advisable to fix shelves to the wall and to choose furniture with rounded edges, which will prevent serious injuries in case of tripping. Floors should be smooth and non-slip and it is suggested to avoid carpets or, failing that, to fix them with adhesives to prevent them from sliding. If there are steps, such as those leading to a terrace, for example, they should be clearly visible and, if necessary, have elements that help to cross them.

Safe bathroom

The bathroom is probably one of the areas that require the greatest adaptation for older people. It is better to have a shower than a bathtub, with as few steps as possible and non-slip mats. Handrails both in the shower and next to the toilet are essential to facilitate movement and prevent falls.

1-Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Gibraltar

A pleasant living room

For many elderly people, the living room is the room in which they spend the most hours of the day. It is advisable to take advantage of natural light whenever possible and to have good lighting at all times. The distribution of furniture should facilitate the passage and adapt to the tasks performed in this room. For people with mobility problems, an armchair is better than a sofa, with armrests and preferably neither too low nor too soft, to make it easier to get up.

Kitchen facilities

In the kitchen, you can opt for shallow sinks and shower faucets to avoid forcing postures. It is important to avoid using very low or very high shelves, everything should be at an easily accessible height.

Gibraltar is an ideal city for retired people

Gibraltar is one of the safest places in the world and offers many opportunities for retirees to practice sports and enjoy leisure activities.
In terms of sporting facilities, Gibraltar is home to the 6.8 square kilometer Victoria Stadium1, 16 tennis courts, 4 basketball courts, 2 field hockey training grounds, and various facilities for volleyball, cricket, swimming, netball, badminton, and martial arts. These are just a few examples of the long list of government and chartered facilities that offer Gibraltarians the opportunity to use them free of charge. In addition, it is an ideal location for water sports such as sailing, rowing, dinghy racing, and fishing.

Apartment for sale in the heart of Gibraltar

1-Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Gibraltar

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