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Discover Gibraltar’s seven distinctive districts, each offering its own unique charm and appeal. From the bustling city life of the Westside to the serene ambiance of the South District Gibraltar, there’s something for everyone. The Eastside boasts stunning beaches and historic villages, while the North District, Ocean Village, captivates with its natural beauty and recreational areas. The Upper Town offers a glimpse into Gibraltar’s rich history with its ancient fortifications and cultural sites. Meanwhile, the reclaimed land of Queensway Quay is a hub of activity, hosting vibrant marinas and waterfront promenades. Finally, The heart of Gibraltar, the Town Area buzzes with activity, hosting government buildings, commercial centres, and cultural landmarks like Main Street. Its lively atmosphere, historic architecture, and vibrant shops and restaurants make it a focal point of the community. Explore each district to uncover the diverse facets of Gibraltar’s character and lifestyle.

Map of Gibraltar

Gibraltar Map and Area Guide with Century 21 Gibraltar relocation Service


South District Gibraltar

Sunset Close, South District Gibraltar


Experience the tranquil rhythm of life in Gibraltar’s South District, where residents enjoy a serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle, yet still surrounded by some of the Rock’s top attractions. Beach lovers can bask in the sun at Camp Bay (locally known as Rosia) and Little Bay, featuring seawater pools, easy beach access, and charming eateries. At Europa Point, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, breathtaking views of Africa await, alongside landmarks like the Trinity Lighthouse and the Mosque. Dive into lush tranquillity at the Alameda Botanical Gardens, established in 1816, offering guided tours, an outdoor theatre, and even a romantic setting for weddings. Ascend the Rock effortlessly with the Cable Car, providing panoramic vistas in just six minutes. Delve into Gibraltar’s military heritage at Parson’s Lodge fortress, strategically perched over Rosia Bay, and marvel at the historic 100 Ton Gun at Napier of Magdala Battery. Pay homage to naval history at the Trafalgar Cemetery, resting place of those lost in the famous battle.

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Nestled on Gibraltar’s Eastside lies the renowned beaches, east beach Gibraltar and historic Catalan Bay village, echoing Genoa’s charm with its quaint homes and serene streets. Southward lies Sandy Bay, boasting golden sands ideal for paddle boarding and kayaking, alongside the iconic Both Worlds. Witness the emergence of modernity with upcoming developments like E1, Forbes, and Beach View Terraces, setting the stage for Gibraltar’s Eastside project.

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Buy a property in West District Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s Westside epitomizes urban living, featuring towering apartment complexes like Eurocity, Midtown, and Eurotowers alongside office spaces, grocery stores, and the hospital. Much of this reclaimed land offers breath-taking views of the Bay and Rock of Gibraltar, with occasional visits from cruise ships. The area also boasts scenic garden parks and a range of schools, from first to high education levels.

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Town Area – Mainstreet Gibraltar

Properties in Main Street Gibraltar

Enter the bustling nucleus of Gibraltar’s urban life—the Town Area—a vibrant melting pot of commerce, culture, and community. Here, amidst the rhythm of daily life, you’ll encounter the pulse of the city, with banks, government offices, and a diverse array of dining options and UK brand shops. Explore the tapestry of cultures seamlessly interwoven, where churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues stand side by side, epitomizing Gibraltar’s harmonious coexistence. Join the vibrant mosaic of traditions and beliefs that converge in this dynamic urban landscape, where every corner tells a story of unity in diversity.

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Upper Town

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Delve into Gibraltar’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and diversity—did you know that in 1848, the skull of a Neanderthal woman was unearthed here? It was a ground-breaking discovery, marking only the second Neanderthal skull ever found and the first adult one, predating the species’ namesake by eight years! Explore the Upper Town for an immersive journey through Gibraltar’s past. Discover iconic landmarks like St. Michael’s Cave, the Moorish Castle, the Great Siege Tunnels, WWII tunnels, Princess Caroline’s Battery, and, of course, mingle with the famous inhabitants of the Apes Den.

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To let in Queensway Gibraltar


Nestled beyond the city walls lies the exquisite enclave of Queensway Quay, gracing Gibraltar’s West Side with its upscale charm. Here, you’ll find a collection of luxurious seaside residences like Ragged Staff, Cormorant Wharf, Kings Wharf, The Sails, and The Island—a gated haven of semi-detached homes. At the heart of it all, the Marina beckons with its tranquil ambiance, offering a perfect blend of maritime serenity and urban sophistication. Indulge in waterfront dining experiences, where each meal is accompanied by breath-taking sunset vistas, epitomizing the relaxed, laid-back allure of marina-city living.

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Ocean Village

For Sale apartment in Ocean Village Gibraltar

Nestled at the heart of Gibraltar, the Ocean Village marinas stand as the premier destination for yachts and super yachts, drawing seafarers and enthusiasts alike to its picturesque shores. Boasting a vibrant array of restaurants, Ocean Village offers a tantalizing culinary journey, with flavours to suit every palate. Beyond its culinary delights, Ocean Village is a thriving hub of entertainment and lifestyle, just moments away from the city centre. Here, residents and visitors are treated to an unparalleled living experience, with access to some of Gibraltar’s most impressive pools and Jacuzzis, perfect for indulgent relaxation under the Mediterranean sun. Moreover, Ocean Village proudly hosts Gibraltar’s only 5-star hotel, the Sunborn, where luxury meets sophistication in an exclusive maritime setting. Whether seeking a gourmet meal, exciting entertainment, or luxurious living, Ocean Village promises an unforgettable experience amidst the vibrant tapestry of Gibraltar’s coastal charm.

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