What type of home is most suitable for a couple in Gibraltar

What type of home

This is a very interesting question that many people ask themselves, especially couples who have decided to move to their first home. It is also important to clarify, that any house can be ideal for a couple, but this will depend on many factors and the needs of the couple in particular.

So, if you and your partner have made the important decision to live together, it is necessary that you take into account that the characteristics of the place you choose to live in, as well as the way in which you prepare it, can have a great influence on the type of relationship you have when living as a couple. That is why it is so important that you take into account certain factors of your new home, which in the end can greatly favour your communication, coexistence, and mood.

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The ideal home

Undoubtedly the house we choose to live in as a couple should be a well-thought-out decision, it is a decision that takes time and requires a mutual agreement, after all, it is the place where we are going to live, where our relationship as a couple is. Of course, as the years go by, the needs in the relationship, as with everything in life, will undergo changes that are necessary and have a natural and inevitable sense. That is why one of the first characteristics that we must take into account when buying a house to live in as a couple is that it is a stable house, that can be modified in the long term and above all that it is located in a promising area, according to our expectations of life.

The most important thing when choosing a house to live in as a couple is that it is a place that we like, that no matter how big or small the house is, we feel good, that we feel full, comfortable, and enthusiastic. Our house should be designed to be a place of rest, comfort, and coexistence, where we feel calm to recover the strength lost in the daily routine of work and daily tasks.

The secret of feeling good as a couple in a house, whether it is a small or a big house, is to have it well distributed, to have the spaces well arranged, and that the much or little space we have is of benefit and usefulness, that each space is used in the right way. If we manage to do that we will be able to live comfortably, without feeling that the furniture is getting in the way or feeling that the house looks very empty and that we need to buy more things, then maybe it is not more furniture that we really need.

Living in comfort

So, as we said, the ideal house for a couple is a house that is comfortable, well-distributed, and tidy. Each space should have its utility and although it is something that seems to be of little importance, the truth is that it is what makes a house ideal or not. It is important that the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, and all the spaces that make up a house, are well distributed so that they can be used to the maximum.

Obviously, all homes are not the same, each one has unique characteristics that make them different. Not all homes have the same space, they do not have the same number of bedrooms or bathrooms, but regardless of that, each space in our house fulfils a specific function that helps us feel comfortable and at ease. At the end of the day, it is not about having so much space inside the house, it is about making a good distribution and giving good use to each available space.

So, among the characteristics that an ideal house for a couple should have, we can highlight the following:

To have different spaces to distribute the furniture.

2-Bedroom Apartment to let in Europlaza GibraltarWhether the house is large or small, the fact of being able to create a feeling of spaciousness within a house helps a lot to reduce stress, this helps us to feel more comfortable, with more encouragement and harmony to be inside our home.

Sometimes having less is more, and what happens is that sometimes we have a lot of things inside our homes. In fact, some spaces such as the dining room, for example, look and feel very crowded, so much so that it seems that we lack air when we are there. So, it is necessary to create space and that can be achieved by clearing every place of the unnecessary. Above all, it is important to clear the passage areas, the floor, and the stairs, remember that these spaces represent the communication from one place to another in the house if they are overloaded, the house will not be comfortable at all.

In addition, each space needs air entry and needs to have space to move and be comfortable. That is why sometimes having less furniture helps to improve the atmosphere of the house. Be sure to keep these transition areas clear, and use light colours on the main walls to help give the perception of spaciousness, it is also very important not to clutter the rooms with unnecessary furniture and objects.

Good lighting

This is another very important factor and is that the passage of natural light helps to give a greater feeling of spaciousness to the house, also helping the inhabitants of the house feel more relaxed and in good spirits. For that reason it is highly recommended to look for a house that has a good passage of natural light, and that during the day you can enjoy that lighting. Artificial lighting is also important of course, it is advisable to opt for warm lights that give a cosy atmosphere to the house, making everyone feel more comfortable, encouraging calm, and at the same time favouring communication between the couple.

There is always a place or different spaces in the house where we spend more time, then, it is important to identify these places and accommodate them to feel good, remember that these places are where we spend more time and the ideal is that we feel good, that has good lighting. Definitely having the right lighting makes us feel comfortable, and we can concentrate more, especially at this time when many work from home.

To have personal spaces available

This is very important because even though you are living as a couple, it is essential to have spaces for the personal use of each one. Although it may not seem so, this helps a lot to coexist, it makes each one feel more relaxed and calm. Although most of the time the couple tends to spend a lot of time together, at some point of the coexistence both will need a space of their own to enjoy a moment of solitude that is also necessary, this is to think, study, read and grow personally.

Undoubtedly, having your own space, different, and personal, is quite healthy and highly recommended when living in a house as a couple. The most favourable thing is that when selecting a house, you have this type of space, whether it is a small room, an office, or a place for recreation, among others according to the needs that each one has.

To have a comfortable and spacious kitchen.

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Not all the places in the house have to be spacious, but one of them is definitely the kitchen, remember that the kitchen as such is one of the most important spaces in the house. That is why when living as a couple you need more space in this area, which makes it possible for both to share activities such as kitchen assistance, to washing and drying the dishes.

In addition, having a good space in the kitchen will encourage teamwork, thus improving your quality of time together with your partner and will help to enjoy more of any free time to make rich recipes for meals and sweets.

To have a good master bedroom

Besides the kitchen, this is perhaps the most important room in a home for a couple. This is a place of rest, of intimacy, where the two of you will spend a lot of time together. The master bedroom should have a good space for the distribution of the personal furniture of each, night lamps, and mirrors, among other basic furniture that should be in a bedroom.

The most advisable thing is that this room has its own bathroom, this helps a lot to have a greater comfort at the moment of living as a couple. It is important to say and emphasize that this is a space shared by both, for that reason, the order and collaboration of each one are vital for good coexistence. The lighting should be optimal, and the room temperature should be mutually agreed upon depending on where the house is located.

In conclusion, we must say that the ideal house for a couple begins with the comfort for both, that it is a place to rest, meditate, talk as a couple, and do many activities that lead to the growth of the relationship.

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