Living in an exclusively residential area such as Gardiner’s Road in Gibraltar

Gardiner’s Road in Gibraltar

More and more families are choosing to move to residential areas on the outskirts of cities, such as Gardiner’s Road in Gibraltar, looking for the many advantages they bring compared to the always bustling cities.

Buying a home in this area means moving to a quieter area, well connected by bus and with easy access. Avoiding the stress of living in the centre of a city, or simply improving the quality of life, are some of the reasons why residential areas are gaining ground in recent years as an alternative to the city.

Breathing clean air is synonymous with good health and the air quality of residential areas is always superior to that of cities. The reduction of traffic and pollution, and the proximity of green areas and natural spaces contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

3-Bedroom duplex for sale in Gardiner´s Road - Gibraltar

Some of the advantages of living in this type of area are:

Improved quality of life

The houses that are located in residential areas, are far from the city and outside the urban centres, away from environmental and noise pollution, as well as stress, which allows you to enjoy the calm and tranquillity of these developments.

Greater security

Residential areas function as a village within a city, with spaces and green areas for adults and children, where families can be sure that their children can play and spend time outdoors in a safe environment.

Good infrastructure

The homes that are located in residential areas have a first-class infrastructure, which entails a good supply of all services, and where the common areas are kept in excellent condition so that residents can enjoy them with all the comfort.

Greater social life

3-Bedroom duplex for sale in Gardiner´s Road - Gibraltar

One of the main reasons to choose a house in a residential area as a home is the quiet and familiar environment, perfect for raising and educating the youngest of the house when you have just formed a family. It is very common to find families with children in all types of areas as they all have a common goal, to be able to raise their children with security and a greater peace of mind than in the city. In addition, they also allow a closer coexistence with other families and encourage friendly relationships between children.

Additional services

In general, residential areas have common services, such as swimming pools, tennis or paddle tennis courts, playgrounds, or gyms, which allows us to have many more possibilities for leisure and to interact with others in a much more comfortable environment. Nowadays, and with the possibility of teleworking, residential areas are becoming a very good option for those who prefer to have the privacy of a larger house in an environment that brings everything.

Larger homes

The greater availability of space is one of the most indisputable advantages of living in an exclusively residential area. Since they are located in larger areas, the homes that are built in them usually have much more space than apartments in the city centre. In general, these are villas, single-family homes, or townhouses that have their own garage, garden, terrace, or communal green areas. This is a great advantage compared to the scarce space in the inner city. Buying a house in urbanization has a great advantage: space.

Quality rest

One of the great advantages of living in an area like Gardiner’s Road is being able to sleep in peace and quiet, especially for those with small children. In the city, it is much more difficult to respect the hours of rest since life usually continues even at night. Their location, generally further away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allows for a more restful rest for all members of the family.

The best of living in an exclusive residential area.

Privacy, security, more space, greater tranquillity Advantages that, taking into account the frenetic pace of the city, are more than enough to tip the balance towards this type of housing.

However, it is necessary to take into account some factors before making a decision:

Environment: It is best to make sure that the environment in which you are located has the kind of ambiance you are looking for.

Services: Since most of them have common areas, it is convenient to take them into account. Also the proximity to essential services such as supermarkets, pharmacies, doctors, schools…

Connections: Even if you do not live in the centre of the city it is necessary to ensure a good connection by public transport so as not to always depend on the car.

Housing: It is necessary to take into account the type of housing you are looking for.

To these advantages, we can add the benefits of living near the sea.

  • Relaxes body and mind: The human brain reacts positively to what is called “blue space,” which means we relax when we see seawater. Seeing, hearing, or being in the sea gives the brain a break and makes you feel more connected to your surroundings. The sound of the waves calms and rejuvenates the mind and body.
  • It will improve your mood: The iodine in the sea breeze balances serotonin levels reducing anxiety and stress. That is why people who live near the sea have higher levels of happiness.
  • You will get better sleep: The sea breeze accelerates the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, which will help you rest. Water, sunlight, fresh air, and movement help the body get ready for sleep.
  • Vitamin D will strengthen your body: Vitamin D is vital for human beings and spending time in the Mediterranean sun will give you the necessary dose. Vitamin D fights depression, strengthens bones, and heals the immune system, and also the digestive system. In addition, the sun’s rays strengthen your hair, nails, and skin.
  • Your lungs will thank you: The salty sea breeze is rich in iodine and sea salts that cleanse the lungs, reduce the need for antibiotics, and help nasal decongestion and breathing.

Duplex apartment for sale in Gardiner’s Road in Gibraltar.

3-Bedroom duplex for sale in Gardiner´s Road - Gibraltar

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is pleased to offer this charming 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom duplex apartment located within the quiet residential area of Gardiners Road in Gibraltar’s sought-after South District. The spacious living-dining room leads directly onto a terrace offering far-reaching views of the Bay and out to the coast of Africa. Internal measurement approx. 110sqm, with 15sqm of external space. The light and airy bedrooms are all of a good size and provide plentiful storage. The master bedroom has a dressing room/study area. The accommodation is a mixture of modern and traditional styles. The property includes allocated parking.

Located on a quiet yet accessible road within close proximity to Main Street, this area is regarded as one of Gibraltar’s most popular locations for those looking to reside in tranquillity.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact our sales specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, he can assist you in English and Spanish.

Tel: (+350) 56285000Email: Click HERE for more information.

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