Townhouse for Sale in Gibraltar the Perfect Home for a Growing Family

Townhouse for sale. Are you thinking of increasing your family? Your house has become too small and no longer meets your needs. In CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR we have the homes for families that you need.

If in your first home, you value a series of aspects such as price, proximity to work, or that it is located in a neighbourhood where there is no lack of leisure areas, once you think about increasing the family your priorities change completely.

4-Bedroom Townhouse for sale in South District Gibraltar

Keys to housing a growing family

If you are thinking of having children, you are probably looking for a spacious house, with common areas including play areas for the little ones, and that is located in a quiet residential area away from the noise of the city centre. In addition, you would like to have schools, hospitals, shopping centres, large parks and open spaces where you can enjoy yourself without fear of traffic.

Living alone or as a couple is not the same as living with children, because there is only one childhood and the house you choose is crucial for the proper development of your children.

Here is a list of essentials that will help you find the ideal house to live in with your children.

Proximity to hospitals and schools, good access to public transportation, the opportunity for green spaces and sports, and safe areas, among other aspects, are key when making the decision.

Location is essential

In short, when there are children in the family, the area or location of the house is very important. It must be a safe residential area and have playgrounds, sports fields, green areas for outdoor activities and not to far for Water sports Activities.

Yes, security is your new priority. Inside and outside your home. Keep in mind that where you are going to live with your family, the community cares about the care of the common areas and respects their use; that the sector is not too commercial, or that it can be affected by adverse situations such as protests, mass events, among others.

Now, the location includes two more aspects: schools and hospitals.

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If you have children you must think about school

Ideally, the educational institutions should be within walking distance of the house. What better if is walking, your children will be able to take advantage of the time for other activities.

And of course, thinking in the medium and long term, you can also evaluate the proximity to universities, art, sports, or language institutes.

A hospital nearby for the family’s peace of mind.

Being able to get to a health centre quickly and easily is very important for all parents. You never know when an emergency may occur and being able to respond in time can make all the difference. Pharmacies are also important. Make sure they are easy to get to, as well as stores and supermarkets.

The size makes a difference

How much square footage do you need for your family? Only you can decide, but we recommend you keep in mind that large spaces will help with your peace of mind. Remember that you may need more than one bathroom, a study area, a patio or terrace to play, etc.

Likewise, the size depends on the number of family members, whether current or projected. Don’t focus too much on the number of rooms, but on the total space, since later you could make modifications. A tip to avoid affecting your budget is to look outside the city centre.

Your family home must have parking

That’s right, generally family also means the need to have a car for transportation. Therefore, if you already have a car or you are thinking of buying one, plan for the house to have a parking lot, because looking for a rental car is not so easy sometimes.

Gibraltar South District

The South District is a large area commonly known as the quieter and predominantly residential area in Gibraltar. It is split between upper and lower regions and enjoys its own unique micro-climate, particularly during easterly winds which affect the town centre and north-western districts. The district enjoys the benefit of two schools, Loreto Convent (an Independent school (co-ed, to age 11), and Saint Joseph´s (St Joseph’s First School and Nursery & St Joseph’s Middle School), and the Gibraltar University.

Townhouse for sale in the south district of Gibraltar

4-Bedroom Townhouse for sale in South District Gibraltar

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is pleased to offer this imposing townhouse in Gibraltar’s sought-after South District. This expansive 4 bed 3 bathroom property spans over 4 floors measuring 250sqm. It also has a rear patio and separate terraces measuring 50 sqm, with direct views over the Bay of Gibraltar. Original features include high ceilings and a working fireplace in the main living room. There is allocated parking accessed directly from the rear patio, as well as a double lock-up garage at the front of the building.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact our sales specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, he can assist you in English and Spanish.

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