How to Make the most of a ground floor apartment

Making the most of a ground floor apartment.  Ground floors with gardens, together with penthouses, are usually the first properties to be sold in new developments. And over the years they tend to increase in value for subsequent resale. The reason why they are so popular is that they are the type of apartment that almost all buyers want, with the advantages of a villa, patio, independent entrance, direct access to communal areas, etc.

Advantages of living in a ground floor apartment

4-Bedroom Apartment for sale The Anchorage Gibraltar

One of the first advantages of living in a ground-floor apartment is the reduction of distance. If you opt for a ground-floor apartment, you will reduce the distance to your home and with it, the space you have to travel if you are carrying shopping, prams, etc. Although it may seem superfluous, the truth is that if you live in a ground-floor apartment you will be grateful for it when you have to deal with some of these situations.

Although they are not common, living on the upper floors makes you a homeowner susceptible to lift breakdowns. Opting for a ground-floor apartment will save you from this type of problem and will allow you to enjoy access to your home without any setbacks.

Some tips for decorating your ground floor apartment

Many people, when looking for a place to live, opt for an attic or a apartment with good views; a good start to achieve a cheerful house, where there is no lack of natural light. However, ground floor apartments can also be a great opportunity, as with a good distribution, they can have plenty of natural light. Therefore, they should not be discarded, as you can be pleasantly surprised. Here are some tips to help you better identify the possibilities hidden on a ground floor.

Break down your prejudices.

If you didn’t take them into account until now, you might be interested to know that ground floor apartments are on average 45% cheaper than a penthouse. What’s more, what you save on the purchase can be invested in refurbishing it to your liking. Consider that with this type of work, you can obtain certain advantages if by the way you take the opportunity to incorporate thermal insulation in the floor, a radiant water heating system, or if you lower the level of the floor in order to gain height that allows you to build a loft.

What architectural features should it have?

4-Bedroom Apartment for sale The Anchorage GibraltarIn some cases, you may find the place too dark. One reason may be that it is originally very compartmentalized. It may also be that it has no windows, that the windows it has are small, or that the surrounding buildings block out the light.

Don’t be distressed if it looks old-fashioned, too divided, and dark. The important thing is that you can change this situation by removing partitions and orienting the new layout to the walls that have windows. A ground floor with a terrace is a good option, as it gives you the possibility of having more surface area with natural light. It is recommended that the two rooms with the highest priority be located facing the courtyard are the day area and the children’s room.

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR has a bright ground floor apartment for sale in The Anchorage, Gibraltar’s quiet southern district. Its open-concept design, large windows, and spacious terrace mean that no major renovations are required.

Getting the layout right.

One of the most common problems in this type of apartment is the lack of natural light. For this reason, the key to its distribution is not to obstruct the path of light, adopting open-plan concepts. If this is not possible, it is necessary to prioritize and determine the rooms that we prefer to locate next to the brightest areas such as example, the kitchen, dining room, and living room. If possible, enlarge windows, install sliding or folding doors, and don’t be afraid of transparencies. Dare to leave it without curtains.

It must have a terrace or patio.

There are many types of patios, and not all of them will give you the same possibilities, but what is certain is that you can take advantage of this extra space to increase the quality of the interior space. If you create a layout whose axis converges on the patio, you will undoubtedly achieve unprecedented perspectives which, among other things, will visually enlarge the interior space. If, in addition, you can add to this courtyard an open-plan block lung or one with trees, you will have found the ideal combination.

How can a patio be made more intimate?

This is one of the main concerns of those who live in a flat with a patio. As a general recommendation, it is best to opt for ephemeral solutions or translucent elements, so that it is not seen as an extension of the surface area. One solution is a folding or roll-up awning made of acrylic fabric: easy to maintain and to fold up when needed.

Another possibility is to opt for a wooden or iron pergola in combination with wicker or bamboo planting, folding slats, or sliding glass roofs. This way, in winter, these options will not obstruct the passage of natural light into the interior. These translucent elements can also be used to complete the height of fences or to privatize separation trellises between party walls or patios.

The patio or terrace is an urban oasis.

With vegetation or water, you will be able to combat the uneasiness of the city, by means of small pylons or fountains. Consider essential, easy-to-maintain furniture. Benches attached to a wooden or concrete wall are a good option in this regard.

Use decoration as an ally.

Use mirrors as a resource to multiply light and views. Indoor plants, which are back in fashion, will also give the house a more cheerful atmosphere.

Living in a ground floor apartment with a large terrace in the southern district of Gibraltar

4-Bedroom Apartment for sale The Anchorage GibraltarThe South District is a large area commonly known as the quieter and predominantly residential area in Gibraltar. It is split between upper and lower regions and enjoys its own unique micro-climate, particularly during easterly winds which affect the town centre and north-western districts.

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is pleased to offer for sale A lovely 4-bedroom 2-bathroom garden apartment, located in the popular development The Anchorage in South District. Comprising of 4 nice sized double bedrooms. Master bedroom with en-suite and a guest bathroom.

A large living room with an open plan kitchen leading to a dining/lounge which also leads to a very large terrace and the high quality of finishing will also be reflected in this fabulous family home, with its fully fitted luxury kitchen, designer bathrooms, and extremely generous living/dining room.

This private, gated luxury development benefits from communal gardens, an indoor swimming pool, and a gym.

The property also includes a private underground car parking space.

For more information or to arrange a viewing this ground floor apartment, please contact our sales specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, he can assist you in English and Spanish.

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