Courtyard House in Gibraltar: Its 5 amazing advantages

Courtyard House in Gibraltar: Interior courtyards are characterized by uncovered areas located inside houses and buildings, commonly delimited by walls or walls, and have a drainage system to evacuate rainwater. They also make efficient use of electrical energy and, in addition, allow the regulation of temperatures.

A Courtyard House in Gibraltar increases the quality of life and comfort of the people who live in it, so if you are interested in living in this type of property, we recommend you continue reading to learn more about its benefits.

Nowadays, the courtyard house is becoming very popular again, and both architects and homeowners have begun to appreciate its great advantages.

Courtyard House in Gibraltar
Courtyard House in Gibraltar

The earliest examples of courtyard houses date back to 3,000 BC. There are ancient examples in Chinese, Greek, and Roman culture of this type of housing.

Its origins respond to issues of shelter and security and the need to take advantage of the elements of the external environment to make the interior spaces of the house more comfortable. In other words, a little piece of nature was brought inside the Courtyard House in Gibraltar, with all the benefits that this brings us.

These “ancient principles” that gave rise to the Interior courtyard, which have a lot of common sense, are the same that today are disclosed in what is known as bioclimatic design. Bioclimatic design is nothing more than designing using common sense.

We can say then that the Interior Courtyard is a space capable of climatically regulating a house, making it more comfortable and energetically more efficient.

We could say that 3 simple elements make up an Interior Courtyard:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Rainwater drains

From these 3 simple elements, other elements can be added, to give the interior patio a more specific use.

Once the interior patio is built, the use and decoration will depend on the lifestyle of each person.

A house with an interior patio increases the quality of life of those who live there since it incorporates an open and social space, which usually becomes the centre of your home.

The 5 Great Advantages of a Courtyard House in Gibraltar

Courtyard House in Gibraltar
Courtyard House in Gibraltar

The benefits of living in a Courtyard House in Gibraltar are both in terms of quality of life and comfort as well as energy efficiency and thermal regulation of the house.

We could also say that living in an apartment with an interior courtyard is synonymous with having a healthy home, as it stimulates the use of an open space and meeting space and manages to generate a more comfortable indoor microclimate.

1 – Communication and articulation between spaces

The patio as an articulating space of the house is an efficient resource both in terms of energy and socialization. The interior patio becomes the space that organizes the other rooms of the house.

But regardless of the location of the interior patio, it will be an important element, which communicates, connects and distributes the other spaces of the house.

As well as connecting, the interior patios also divide, that is to say, they can separate 2 spaces or rooms of the house, achieving more privacy and generating an “intermediate” zone for public use.

2 – Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation is a passive cooling strategy (without using any energy subsidy) highly recommended and efficient, especially for climates with hot temperatures, as occurs in the summers of Gibraltar.

It consists of the strategic placement of openings, doors, or windows that allow air circulation between the interior spaces of the house or apartment. A Courtyard House in Gibraltar already has, so to speak, an important element in generating natural ventilation.

The inner courtyard is like a large space that will regulate the ventilation inside the home since the wind remains stable with a continuous direction even though it is very variable outside.

The inner courtyard will be in charge of distributing the ventilation in each of the spaces around it.

3 – Natural lighting

Privileging the entrance of natural light into your home is a way to ensure and increase your quality of life. Natural light is health

The interior patio, in general, privileges the entrance of zenithal light. That is light coming from the sky, perpendicular to the ground.

The zenithal lighting has particular characteristics since it is direct, natural light. And it has the capacity to generate very particular spaces, ephemeral, and very stimulating in some cases.

4 – The patio as a bioclimatic strategy

The interior patio is an excellent bioclimatic regulator. It is as if you had an “air tube” inside your house. It has the ability to generate a very comfortable indoor micro-climate where the temperature can decrease up to 3°C during the hottest hours of the day and at the same time delay heat loss when temperatures outside are lower.

We can then consider the inner courtyard as a passive climate control device.

5 – Contact with nature

A house with an interior courtyard provides the best conditions to generate an interior natural space.

It can be decorated with plants and you can also condition it to be a meeting space, so you can place outdoor chairs and tables.

Courtyard House in Gibraltar for sale in Maida Vale

Courtyard House in Gibraltar
Courtyard House in Gibraltar

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is pleased to offer this imposing townhouse in Gibraltar’s sought-after South District. This expansive 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms property spans over 4 floors measuring 250sqm.

It also has a rear patio and separate terraces measuring 50sqm, with direct views over the Bay of Gibraltar. Original features include high ceilings and a working fireplace in the main living room.

This Courtyard House in Gibraltar has an allocated parking accessed directly from the rear patio, as well as a double lock-up garage at the front of the building. This property is a must-see for someone looking to personalise a house into their very own

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