Gibraltar Tourism and Adventure

Gibraltar Tourism

Gibraltar has an area of less than 7 km². It is a small city but it offers a lot of plans so you won’t get bored. If you like adventure tourism, these are the best things to do in Gibraltar.

Apartment To Let in Gibraltar

Sailboat rentals

With a fantastic Mediterranean climate and a rich maritime heritage spanning centuries, the Bay and Strait of Gibraltar are ideal places for beginners and experienced sailors alike. In Gibraltar, there is the possibility of attending sailing courses and chartering yachts. Gibraltar tourism, Gibraltar tourism, Gibraltar tourism.


Gibraltar is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean and has a spectacular marine biodiversity, natural reefs, and more than 35 wrecks that have been part of the Gibraltar artificial reef project since the 1980s, which can be easily accessed from the shore or by boat.

There are wrecks such as 482, a British Royal Navy cable-laying ship that lies upright on a sandy flat at 17 m depth and only 25 m from the shore and is probably the most visited dive site in Gibraltar. Natural reefs harbouring caverns and the elusive grouper are also found within Gibraltar’s marine reserve.
For more information about dive sites and applying for a dive permit, you should contact the Gibraltar Department of Environment, Heritage, and Climate Change.

St. Michael’s Cave

Gibraltar Nature Reserve - Real estate in Gibraltar

St. Michael’s Upper Cave was discovered over 2000 years ago and was used for a variety of purposes: as a fortress in the 18th century, as a hospital, and ammunition store during World War II. However, St. Michael’s Lower Cave was not discovered until 1942. It was an accidental discovery by sappers while digging a tunnel to the lower elevations in order to provide a secondary exit. They discovered a cave with several chambers, which may have remained sealed for 20,000 years.

The cave is extraordinarily beautiful, with sparkles produced by its columns of white, grey, and red stalactites and a cathedral-like appearance with a pulpit, a presbytery, and a pipe-filled organ. This extraordinary and beautiful cave stands out for three reasons: the size of the main chambers, the abundance and variety of calcite formations, and, last but not least, a crystal clear lake more than 35 meters long that is estimated to contain about 45,000 gallons of water (more than 170,000 litres).

You will find, among other caves: Great Rift, Dove Chamber, Wonderland, The Bottomless Pit, Southern Hall, The Lake, St Michael’s Cross, The Garden Gnome, Apache Land, The Baby’s Hand, Mickey Mouse, ET, and Rock Ape. Gibraltar is full of caves. In fact, it is estimated that there are more than 140. Some are coastal or sea caves, others are inland, originating from fissures. Some of the sea caves are located in high areas of the Rock, so they are a testimony of the different sea levels and geological movements of the past. The caves have been explored for several years and numerous fossil remains have been found in them, including the skull of a Neanderthal woman.

Boat excursion to see the dolphins

Everybody knows about the existence of the monkeys that live on the top of the Rock, but visitors who discover the dolphins jumping in the crystal clear waters of the bay of Gibraltar Bay take an indelible memory of this experience. Entire families of dolphins visit the bay and the chances of spotting them are very wide. This is another of the many Gibraltar experiences not to be missed.

You can see the Rock from another point of view, see the East Side caves, and enjoy the views of Gibraltar, Morocco, and Spain. Gibraltar tourism, Gibraltar tourism, Gibraltar tourism, Gibraltar tourism.

Tour Mediterranean Steps

Mediterranean Steps is a steep trail and in some sections really hard, not suitable for people with vertigo. The best time to walk is early in the morning, but during the summer months, the late afternoon walks provide visitors with much-appreciated shade. Gibraltar tourism, Gibraltar tourism, Gibraltar tourism, Gibraltar tourism.

This place is especially pleasant during the spring, a season when an interesting and beautiful variety of flowers can be enjoyed, especially after this year’s recent rains. Mediterranean Steps leads hikers from the Jew’s Gate cemetery at the southern end of the nature reserve, located 180 meters above sea level, to O’Hara’s Battery, located at 419 m above sea level, near the top of the Rock.

Paddle Surf

Gibraltar is an amazing place for Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), each tour offers unique experiences. You can practice this activity in Sandy Bay, in the stunning sheltered bay. Morning paddles offer ideal conditions to view the spectacular rock monolith that dominates the landscape and watch the impressive migration of raptors from Africa.

This is a great family activity with options for snorkelling and exploring the spectacular Rock coastline, suitable for the more adventurous.

Life in Gibraltar - Real estate in Gibraltar

Windsor Suspension Bridge

This Gibraltar tourist attraction is not for the faint-hearted, but residents and more intrepid visitors can visit the suspension bridge located on Royal Anglian Way. This spectacular feat of engineering is 71 meters long and spans a gorge 50 meters deep.

Nature Trails

The Gibraltar Nature Reserve, especially in the Upper Rock area, is also famous for its unique trails, which wind through the entire length of the reserve. These combine the natural beauty and breath-taking views of the reserve with some places of historical interest that are not usually included in the more typical tours. Notable among the main trails are: Royal Anglian Way and Douglas Path.


Located 340 meters above sea level, Skywalk is higher than the Shard in London. Skywalk in Gibraltar offers breath-taking 360º views spanning three countries and two continents and links to sites within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, including the thrilling Windsor Suspension Bridge and the famous Apes’ Den via a series of trails.

Built on the foundation of an existing World War II base structure, the Skywalk is designed to withstand wind speeds of over 150 km/hour and can support the weight of 5 Asian elephants, or 340 people, at one time (the number of visitors will be limited to 50 at any one time). The floor and balustrade panels are composed of 4 layers of laminated glass (with a total thickness of about 4.2 cm).

Spread side by side, the 42 glass panels would cover over 750m², roughly the equivalent of 4 tennis courts. The walkway is 2.5m wide and projects a maximum of 6.7m from the main structural support point. Skywalk has 70m of rock anchors and 30,000kg of steel securing it to the rock.

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