Tips to make your rental apartment more eco friendly

Make your rental apartment more eco friendly. Having a “green” conscience while living in a rented apartment is not a very easy situation. Many tenants can’t afford to install solar panels in their apartments or ditch the 20-year-old refrigerator for a new, much more expensive energy-saving model.

For this reason, we bring some habits that can be adapted to be environmentally conscious and save some money in a rented apartment.

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Find a centrally located apartment

Consider the location of your apartment before signing the lease.

By renting an apartment close to stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and public transportation, you could save money on gas and avoid traffic time in the city.

Get rid of your old light bulbs and switch to LEDs.

90% of an incandescent bulb’s energy is emitted as heat and only 10% of its energy used produces light.

Dry your clothes on a folding clothesline

Clothes dryers are not economical and also consume a lot of energy. That’s why we recommend you avoid using the dryer and buy a folding clothesline, which will be much more economical in the short and long term.

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Stop using paper towels

Paper towels are a complete waste of resources. Thousands of trees could be saved annually if we stopped using them. Switch to kitchen towels and cleaning sponges instead.

Create your own cleaning products

Synthetic cleaning products can be highly toxic and are usually expensive. You might be able to find cleaning products that are non-toxic, but they can be just as or even more expensive. That’s why we recommend making your own. On the internet, you can find many recipes to make homemade cleaning products, without toxicity levels and much cheaper.

We can make non-polluting products using baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, salt, or lemon juice.

More tips

  • Recycle: it is important to manage waste separately: packaging, glass, paper, batteries, etc.
  • Use A++ appliances: they can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.
  • Electrical devices switched off: the standby function consumes 14% of electrical energy.
  • Good insulation: good joint sealing, thermal insulation, and double glazing can save up to 50% on heating.
  • Dual flush cistern: reduces water consumption by up to 50%.
  • Use of heating: in winter, the temperature should be between 19º and 21º. It is important to have thermostats and programmers to regulate the temperature properly.
  • Apartment To Let in GibraltarUse of air conditioning: in summer, the ideal temperature is 25º.
  • Do the shopping well: try to consume local and seasonal products and calculate the quantities well so as not to throw food away.
  • Ecological vegetable garden: if we have this possibility we can supply ourselves with natural products in a more economical way.
  • Use of bicycles: for short trips, it is the healthiest and cheapest way to move around.
  • Responsible use of clothes: reuse them as much as possible and give them another style and use.
  • Sustainable faucets: an aerator mixes the water with the air and reduces consumption by up to 50%.
  • Cold water from the shower: if we use a bucket to collect the water that is wasted until the hot water reaches the shower, we can reuse it to water the plants or water our pets.
  • Single lever faucets with flow restrictors: they save up to 50% of water by mixing hot and cold water.
  • Pressure reducers: can save up to 30% water. They are installed next to the meter.
  • Rainwater tank: rainwater can be used and reused for other purposes.
  • Use of ecological paints: there are paints made with vegetable substances that do not contain toxic substances.
  • Photovoltaic panels: the use of renewable energies reduces environmental impact and energy costs.
  • Light regulators: modulate lighting and create warm atmospheres in addition to reducing consumption.
  • Motion detectors: they turn on the light only when someone is in the room, which achieves a significant reduction in consumption.
  • Air extractors and humidifiers: to achieve cleaner air in the home and reduce consumption.

Living at Kings Wharf Quay, Gibraltar

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