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Living in an apartment with large outdoor spaces

Undoubtedly, the way we inhabit our homes has changed in recent years and it is necessary to build places where you can be outside without having to be on the street. Areas that allow greater lighting and ventilation to the interior; and at the same time provide the possibility to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and comfortable way.

Advantages of terraced housing

One of the spaces that have this quality and has been deservedly revalued worldwide is the terrace. These are some of the advantages of living in an apartment with large outdoor spaces.

3 Bedroom Penthouse For Sale in Watergardens Gibraltar

It allows you to be in contact with nature

The connection with the environment is a human need that contributes to their well-being. In fact, the term biophilia describes this concept and suggests that the best way to manage any area of our life is one that takes nature into account. Therefore, creating a garden on our terrace makes it an ideal place to escape from the noise and pollution of the city, reducing stress and increasing our productivity.

Motivates exercise and creativity

Terraces allow multiple activities that translate into improvements in our physical and mental health. Regardless of the size, we can adapt this space to exercise, do yoga, meditate or simply sunbathe. In addition, with the right furniture, we can adapt it and set up our hobby workshop to paint, make crafts, and more.

Strengthens coexistence

The terraces are open and safe spaces that allow us to meet with our family and friends to share from a children’s party to a weekend barbecue. All this without the need to travel to distant or crowded places.

It’s the place for your pets

Open spaces at home are not only vital for people, but our beloved pets can also take advantage of them. There they can be distracted, rest and play with us. But it is important to maintain proper cleanliness to ensure the good health of our pets and thus, avoid any discomfort with our neighbours.

Increases the value of your property

Having a terrace increases the value of your home by 10% or even more, thanks to the post-pandemic situation. In other words, you are not only investing in a place with more space, but you are also making this asset profitable for the future. Watergardens Gibraltar, Watergardens Gibraltar, Watergardens Gibraltar, Watergardens Gibraltar.

3 Bedroom Penthouse For Sale in Watergardens Gibraltar

A sustainable space

On a terrace, we can create our own urban garden. Thanks to the good climate that Gibraltar enjoys, we have the possibility of planting vegetables, medicinal plants, and fruits for our self-sufficiency. In addition, on our terrace, we can implement different sustainable ideas, from rainwater harvesting for irrigation of the same plants to the installation of solar panels to supply electricity to the home. All this translates into savings for your pocket and the care of resources. Watergardens Gibraltar, Watergardens Gibraltar.

Area for future expansion

A house with a terrace, but also with the necessary structure and construction approval, can become that additional room you need as an office, study room, bedroom, game room, and more. The benefit is reflected in more space and better distribution.

Living in Watergardens Gibraltar

3 Bedroom Penthouse For Sale in Watergardens GibraltarWatergardens is one of the most vibrant areas of Gibraltar. It is an area full of stores, restaurants, and bars. It is in the Ocean Village area, one of the three marinas. It offers a protected environment and an ideal location for yachts and motorboats.
Ocean Village is more than just a marina, it was conceived as a yacht marina with its own residential complex.

Built in the mid-1980s, the Watergardens, Gibraltar is a complex of six luxury apartment blocks up to 12 floors high comprising some 300 apartments. Situated beside the Ocean Village Marina and beneath the Rock of Gibraltar, the apartments have panoramic views of both Spain and Morocco.

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR offers you a spacious 3-bedroom penthouse in Watergardens. This bright property stands out for the abundance of its outdoor spaces, as it has three private terraces totalling 117 square meters, with beautiful views of Rock/Town/Spain and Marina to suit your mood and entertain your guests. Communal parking is available.

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