The magic of order – The 9 steps of the Konmari method

The Konmari method. Marie Kondo is an author of Japanese origin and the creator of the book “The Magic of Order”, a revolutionary and effective sales phenomenon in which she explains a system of steps to follow to maintain order in our home.

Rebound Effect

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One of the important concepts in the method is what she calls the “Rebound Effect”. The first problem that arises when we start tidying up is that we create the illusion of a certain order, but really what we are doing is hiding things that we don’t need and that sooner or later will return to disorder. That’s why, for Marie, the organization begins with elimination.

The magic of order teaches us to throw away (or donate) what is not useful since it is a problem for many, and the secret of order lies precisely in that problem. We should only keep the objects that make us happy

When you have to think too much about whether or not to throw something away, the answer is only one: throw it away! Its only function is to obstruct. If that object really makes you happy, there is no question. If there is, it is because you do not care about the object in particular, and what is at work is a neurotic habit of difficulty in letting go of things.

When is the best time?

It is best to do it first thing in the morning when you have just woken up. It is the time when your mind is the clearest and it is a way to take advantage of the rest of the day. In addition, it is best to have as relaxed an environment as possible, without music, without any noise that may disturb or people who can distract us from the task of throwing away the clothes. There will always be someone who will want to keep all those old, torn clothes that we should keep “to sleep or clean”.

The 9 steps of the Konmari method

The Marie Kondo method is made up of nine steps that must be fully completed in order to move on to the next. These are the steps:

  • Discard, throw away everything that doesn’t make you happy or have any real deep meaning for you.
  • Keep only that which brings happiness and joy to your life.
  • Sort objects by category and not by place. That is, sort all the clothes and not the whole room.
  • Always start with the clothes, as you quickly know if they are used or not and it is easier to throw them away.
  • Sort the clothes vertically, so that the result looks like a library of garments. The goal is to locate it easily and open the closet or drawer
  • with pride without being embarrassed if someone sees it.
  • Give value to the objects you keep, and feel lucky to have them, if they have no meaning they have no reason to be in your home.
  • Do the cleaning alone, others can persuade you not to get rid of what you should throw away.
  • Don’t buy new furniture for storage only if you don’t have it. You should store the ones you already have.

The Konmari method is a method that should be done all at once and without leaving it in the middle, it is very effective and helpful. Marie reports that no reader has ever gone back to clutter after applying her method.

How to store?

Marie says that the disorder of objects reflects the inner chaos of people and generates a feeling of inner bewilderment. For this reason, it is essential to know how to store things.

Everything in shoeboxes

This simple packaging is the key to her method. Unlike other organizational experts, Marie dismisses buying a variety of furniture to use simple shoeboxes as staples or stacking them to act as dividers inside drawers to store beauty products in bathrooms, shelves, etc.

Everything in its place

Another golden rule is to assign each object or clothing an appropriate place for it. To do this, assign each item to a category, it will be easier to group them. For example, clothing for physical activities (sportswear), accessories (hats, glasses, scarves, bags, gloves…), and souvenirs (photos, letters, diaries). The key is to be able to quickly identify all similar objects, regardless of how often they are used.

Better to fold and store vertically

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Anything folded takes up less space than folded upright. Learn how to fold with the different techniques brought for each type of clothing. Remember that much more things fit when they are placed in the drawer in a vertical position, and not horizontally, as is usually the case.

Hanger as little as possible

Hangers are not our allies. But obviously, there are garments that need to be hung, either because of their composition or their size. So, on the left side, you will put heavier clothes, such as coats, and on the right side the lighter ones, such as blouses or blazers.

No seasonal clothing

Forget about winter and summer clothes. In his opinion, all clothes should be ready to wear at any time of the year.

The cloud saves space

In the age of the Internet, it makes no sense to store all your information in drawers or closets. Save what you can in your internet account or in a folder on your computer. Much easier and you won’t waste time searching for it.

Documents within reach and documents in progress

These are the only categories that accept to have data on paper. The first one refers to contracts, mortgages, insurances, and titles… and the second one to all the documentation that is still to be resolved, such as medical appointments or invoices.

The Konmari method for your home

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