Relocate to Gibraltar: 10 amazing tips when you have a large family

Relocate to Gibraltar: For children and young people, emigration is generally an enriching experience due to the contact with the new culture. In this sense, it is recommended to make the most of this great opportunity.

When emigrating with small children, it is advisable to include familiar toys and household items (e.g., toys, books, bedding, gifts from grandparents, etc.) in the suitcase or move, thus increasing the chances of acceptance of the new home as one’s own.

Relocate to Gibraltar

The following tips may be of help to you in your relocation to Gibraltar

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1 -Coping with stress

Two tips. To reduce physical stress, once you´ve decided to relocate to Gibraltar, get organized and pack while maintaining your normal routine. To reduce psychological stress, find a way to rally your family to get everyone involved in the move and help them focus on the benefits of the move, such as the possibility of new adventures, a bigger space, and a nicer climate.

2 – Organize and plan ahead

Organizing and planning a move will significantly reduce stress on moving days and when you unpack everything in your new home when you relocate to Gibraltar.

3 – The basis for success is communication

Children become attached to their homes, their friends, and their memories. The idea of moving can be difficult. Help your children understand the benefits and opportunities of moving. Tell them about the advantages of moving to the new home, what places they will be able to visit and other attractions.

4 – Think about the details

When planning your move, consider the important details. Look for schools, stores, and entertainment options that your family will enjoy. In Gibraltar, you can find answers and places to meet all those expectations.

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5 – Make moving a game

Turn the moving process into a game. Packing is a huge task, but making it a fun event for the whole family can help the time go by faster.

6 – Give away or donate what you no longer need.

Take to your new home only what you will use. A move can be the best excuse to get rid of what you don’t need. Remember: give away or donate.

7 – Take an inventory

Establishing and making an inventory list can save you a lot of headaches. Using a colour-coding system to organize which boxes and items are going to your new home using, for example, a floor plan, will also make your move easier.

8 – Use technology for your move

Keep your phone, tablet, or laptop charged during the moving process. This allows you to check your inventory, see tips and modify your moving plan in case you need to make changes. You can also open maps when you need this information on the trip.

9 – Keep the items you need close by

When you relocate to Gibraltar it is important to pack a travel bag that includes clothes and toiletries, so they are easily accessible.

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10 – Entertain the kids on the road

Moving can be boring for kids. You need something to help keep their attention. Avoid letting them spend hours on a tablet, and give them some games and activities they can do together as a family.

Relocate to Gibraltar: The educational system in Gibraltar

A good practice is to research all relevant information about primary and secondary education well in advance. Gibraltar offers very good options for both primary and secondary education.

In Gibraltar, there are 15 state schools, along with the Ministry of Defence schools, private schools, language schools, and special education schools.
The school system in Gibraltar follows the UK’s National Curriculum. Formal compulsory education starts at the age of four, with the option of students beginning at the age of three.

Relocate to Gibraltar: The southern district of Gibraltar

5 Bedroom House For Sale in GibraltarIt is the extreme point in the south of Gibraltar. It is therefore the ideal place to observe the bay and the Strait of Gibraltar with the coasts of Spain and North Africa.

In this place stands a lighthouse built in 1841, whose beam of light has a range of 17Mi.

There is also the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque built in 1997, a gift from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, which also includes a library, school, and conference room.

This place is known as Europa Point and here is also located the sanctuary of Our Lady of Europa, which is always open to the public.

Southern Gibraltar has a unique microclimate. The district enjoys the benefit of two junior and middle schools, Loreto Covent and St. Josephs.

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR has at your disposal this 5-bedroom house in the beautiful south district of Gibraltar. This double-fronted house features 5 bedrooms of which 4 are doubles, one of which is the large master which includes a walk-in wardrobe and en-suite bathroom, and direct access to a terrace.

The layout of this house is distributed over 3 levels. At ground level are the kitchen, a dining room, and a separate living room area where the original double sliding doors remain in place.

The kitchen provides access to a small internal courtyard and two utility/storage areas. Four of the bedrooms are cited on the first floor, together with two family bathrooms and a further wet room.

The second floor accommodates the exceptionally large 25sqm with en-suite bathroom, walk-in wardrobe, and easterly facing roof terrace with partial views to the Rock and the Bay.

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