Real estate in Gibraltar: A wise investment

Real estate in Gibraltar: Gibraltar is a place where many people want to invest because of its extensive advantages. Buying real estate here is very similar to the corresponding process in the UK.

Most of the properties in Gibraltar that can be found are small properties and apartments. The facilities are generally shared and supervised by a management company.

The duty of a real estate in Gibraltar is to adhere to all the needs of the facility and to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Maintenance and management costs are paid by the occupants.

Who Can Buy Real Estate in Gibraltar?

There are two types of markets: the local market and the open market. Everyone has the right to buy property on the open market.

As far as the open market is concerned, there are no defined criteria for an individual to invest in a property. By acquiring such property, the person can remain in Gibraltar by the residency rules.

On the other hand, there is the local market. In this case, there is a criterion for real estate acquisitions. The individual must be a resident of Gibraltar for at least 3 years before being able to purchase.

Finding a Real Estate in Gibraltar

It is best to contact a real estate agent. They will be able Real estate in Gibraltarto guide as to the properties available in the buyer’s price range and the legal procedures to be followed at the time of purchase.

When we compare the additional costs of buying real estate in Gibraltar with those of other countries, they are quite low.

Stamp duty is payable, which varies between 0% and 3.5%. This is payable on completion of the purchase. Stamp duty is stipulated based on the property including its parking for vehicles.

A legal fee is also payable. This cost varies between £500 and 0.5% of the property price. In addition to this extra cost, land registration costs are approximately £175. Reimbursement fees and commissions also apply. These range from £20 to £40.

One of the advantages of investing in Gibraltar is that owners are not subject to property taxes, state taxes, estate planning taxes, and wealth taxes. Only income tax is payable on gross rental income. The corporate tax only applies if the owner of a property is a corporation. So far, this tax is set at 10% of gross rental income.

Connecting Utilities

Whether you want to live in the purchased property or rent it to a third party, it is important to have the utilities connected. You will have to visit different offices for this purpose.

To connect the water, the owner must go to the AquaGib office. To connect the electricity and telecommunications networks, the owner must visit the Gibelec and Gibtel offices respectively.

These offices will require the individual to show proof of identity (passport), bank information, and title deed. If an individual cannot gather these documents on their own, some companies will connect the services for a low fee.

Mortgage in Gibraltar

A common question among foreigners who want to invest in the Gibraltar property market is whether they can acquire a mortgage. This is possible as there are several international banks, and there are also many lending institutions that provide mortgages.

Many people are interested in investing in the Gibraltar real estate market because of its excellent climate, international exposure, and the additional benefits that come with it.

Although property prices are often high, it is a decision that many make because it brings significant long-term benefits.

If you wish to buy real estate in Gibraltar, in CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR you will have a reliable partner ready to help you. You will only have to contact us and ask for your request.

Investing in a furnished studio apartment in Gibraltar

Real estate in Gibraltar
Real estate in Gibraltar

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR, your real estate in Gibraltar, is pleased to offer this resale of a high-floor Presidential Studio in the brand-new development, E1. E1 offers its residents a range of hotel-style services and facilities and is geared towards modern-day luxury living.

This development is exceptionally well suited to investment landlords seeking solid yields with minimal fuss.

Each apartment is sold on a standard long lease basis and comes fully-furnished and equipped throughout making them ready for immediate occupancy.

The development includes a Wellness Spa/swimming pool/gym and Health Club (discounted rates for E1 residents), as well as a co-working area on the first floor, dry cleaning services and room service within specified hours).

For more information please contact our sales team at WhatsApp or email