Advantages of living in a detached house in Gibraltar

Living in a detached house in Gibraltar. Are you thinking of buying a detached house but still have some doubts about it? It is normal, investing in a home is a complex issue that you should think about very well, both its pros and cons. You must be sure that you are investing your savings in the best option.

Top 7 advantages of living in a detached house

2 Bedrooms detached house for sale in Gibraltar

Detached villas are one of the most popular and demanded options and, not surprisingly because living in this type of housing has many advantages. Discover all its benefits.

1. Private and comfortable

This type of housing is perfect for people who love privacy and value enjoying a comfortable life, which is why detached villas bring great benefits in terms of private space.

If you are tired of prying eyes and curious neighbours, then opting for a detached villa is an excellent and remarkable alternative. To live in a gated community is to enjoy this lifestyle.

2. Ample space

The main advantage of detached villas is that they are much more spacious, unlike apartments.

These homes have great amenities: private entrance, children’s play area, patio, and large bathrooms, among other things.

3. Independence and possibility of modifications

This type of housing brings the freedom to build or modify the areas of your villa, even if you want more space in some areas. You can make all kinds of modifications without having to depend on the neighbours adjoining your home.

No shared walls, no shared water supply: a detached house comes with exclusivity that is not seen in apartments or other types of housing. You can control water usage and other needs without worrying about your neighbours.

You won’t have any obstacles to meet different needs that may arise over time, this flexibility is a big plus.

4. Freedom to decide how to customize a detached villa

When living in an apartment there is less freedom as you need to rely on the neighbourhood association for a variety of decisions. But in a detached villa, you can do whatever you want and you don’t need any approval.

It gives you the possibility to personalize your own home and make it a totally unique place, with your rules and lifestyle.

You can paint your facade or put up an awning without asking permission.

2 Bedrooms detached house for sale in Gibraltar

5. Pet-friendly

Detached villas are perfect for pets, the animals have access to the outdoors to run and play, having much more freedom compared to an apartment.

Some apartments even have strict rules that prohibit pets, in these you won’t have to worry about it.

6. Environmentally friendly

More and more, people are giving importance to the care of the environment. The independent villas are usually prepared for this, being friendly and ecological.

Most of them have access to solar energy and an aerothermal system, which is a sustainable energy with the possibility of regulating the temperature per room. Therefore, if you are a person who values the environment, living in such a home will help you to be much more respectful of it.

7. Housing away from noise

You will not have to worry about having noisy neighbours, the sound of cars passing by on the road, or people in the bars just below the house.

Detached villas are located in quiet, relaxed areas away from noisy areas. Undoubtedly, this is one of the great advantages of this type of housing.

Nowadays, more and more people are inclined towards the purchase of detached villas. Living in this type of housing can completely change a person’s lifestyle.

Living in a detached house in Gibraltar

2 Bedrooms detached house for sale in GibraltarFinding this type of housing in Gibraltar is not easy due to the limited space brought by the territory.

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is pleased to offer for sale a lovely detached house spanning over 2 floors.

The Ground Level: This Comprises a large living room, a family bathroom, and a kitchen/dining room with a 20 sqm outdoor patio which is very private and perfect to relax or enjoy your meals in the summer.

The First Level: This comprises 2 large double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes both with nice big windows offering plenty of light.

This property boasts high ceilings and plenty of storage throughout, A/Cs in both bedrooms and the living room. This property has immense potential subject to planning.

Close proximity to town area, bus stop, and schools.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact our sales specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, he can assist you in English and Spanish.

Tel: (+350) 56285000Email: .


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