House for sale Gibraltar: Stunning property with two outdoor spaces

House for sale Gibraltar: Choosing a home is a significant decision that impacts various aspects of our lives.

House for sale Gibraltar

Among the myriad of options available, semi-detached houses with outside spaces offer a unique blend of privacy, community, and outdoor living that appeal to many homeowners. From enhanced living spaces to increased property value, there are numerous advantages to living in such a property.

House for sale Gibraltar
House for sale Gibraltar

1. House for sale Gibraltar: Space and Privacy

Semi-detached houses provide a balance between the privacy of a detached home and the sociability of a terrace or townhouse.

With only one shared wall between neighbouring properties, residents enjoy a sense of separation and privacy that is often lacking in attached dwellings. This layout allows for quieter living compared to apartments or condos where shared walls can lead to noise disturbances.

Moreover, the additional outdoor space, typically situated at the front and back of the house, offers opportunities for personalization and relaxation. Residents can create private outdoor retreats, whether it’s a cosy patio for morning coffee or a lush garden for leisurely afternoons.

2. House for sale Gibraltar: Community and Security

While semi-detached houses provide a sense of privacy, they also foster a sense of community among neighbours.

With fewer shared walls and closer proximity to neighbours compared to detached homes, residents often develop stronger relationships with those living next door. This can lead to a supportive network of neighbours who look out for one another, creating a safer and more connected living environment.

Additionally, the close-knit nature of semi-detached housing often results in increased security. Neighbours are more likely to notice and report any suspicious activity, contributing to a greater sense of safety for all residents.

3. House for sale Gibraltar: Enhanced Living Spaces

Semi-detached houses typically offer more living space compared to apartments or condos, making them ideal for families or individuals who desire more room to spread out.

The layout often includes multiple bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms, providing ample space for both relaxation and entertaining guests.

Furthermore, the presence of outside spaces such as gardens, yards, or balconies expands the living area, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Residents can enjoy alfresco dining, gardening, or simply soaking up the sun without leaving the comfort of their homes.

House for sale Gibraltar
House for sale Gibraltar

4. House for sale Gibraltar: Property Value

Owning a semi-detached house with outside spaces can be a wise investment due to its potential for increased property value. These homes often appeal to a wide range of buyers, including families, professionals, and retirees, resulting in strong demand in the real estate market.

The presence of outdoor spaces adds to the overall appeal of the property, making it more attractive to potential buyers and commanding a higher resale value.

Well-maintained gardens, patios, or decks can significantly enhance curb appeal and differentiate the property from others in the neighbourhood.

5. House for sale Gibraltar: Flexibility and Customization

Semi-detached houses with outside spaces offer residents the flexibility to customize their living environment according to their preferences and lifestyles.

Whether it’s transforming the backyard into a tranquil oasis, creating a play area for children, or setting up a home office in the garden shed, homeowners have the freedom to adapt the outdoor spaces to suit their needs.

Moreover, the semi-detached layout allows for interior customization as well. Residents can personalize their living spaces with renovations or upgrades without the constraints of shared walls found in attached housing units.

In conclusion, living in a semi-detached house with outside spaces offers a myriad of advantages, including space and privacy, community and security, enhanced living spaces, increased property value, and flexibility for customization.

Whether you’re a young family looking for room to grow or a retiree seeking a peaceful retreat, this type of housing provides the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and outdoor living.

3-Bedroom Semi-Detached House For Sale in Flat Bastion Road

House for sale Gibraltar
House for sale Gibraltar

Exclusive to CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR– A semi-detached house in town for sale.

About this property:

A gem of a property in the heart of town spanning three floors This period property is a mix of modern living with a rustic touch with some of its original features restored e.g. hardwood flooring on the upper floors, high ceilings, and stairs.

There is an integrated A/C throughout the property. It has two entrances, Flat Bastion Road and Lime Kiln Road and a fantastic roof garden with chill out area and amazing views and plenty of storage throughout.

 Ground level:

A beautifully kept terrace with plenty of colourful plants leads onto an open-plan kitchen/diner & lounge area. The kitchen has high-end new appliances and the tiled floor is fitted with underfloor heating.

This leads onto an outdoor patio with lovely planting and a seating area. This outdoor area is very private and is not overlooked at all.

There is also a utility room that houses a Megaflow heater, washing machine, dryer and pantry area. There is a shower room with underfloor heating on this floor.

 First level:

Three double bedrooms, the Master includes a spacious walk-in wardrobe and en-suite bathroom with high-end fittings including a bathtub and spacious shower, tiled floor with underfloor heating.

2nd Bedroom is a double with a fitted wardrobe and the largest bedroom has an open fireplace and three large windows. This large room can easily be converted into two bedrooms if desired. There is also a small balcony off the landing on this floor.

Second level:

Spacious living room with a small enclosed kitchenette at one end. At the other end, this room leads onto a spacious roof garden with small fruit trees and a beautiful pagoda ideal for entertainment and relaxing.

This roof garden offers amazing views of the Bay, Spanish mountains and Gibraltar Skyline. There is also a WC on this floor.

There is direct access to Lime Kiln Road and bike parking just outside the property.

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