Do you know the advantages of living in a home with wooden floors?

Living in a home with wooden floors. The beauty of a wooden floor is unquestionable. Although today there are other alternatives, which achieve very realistic finishes, we can not ignore that wood remains the material par excellence that brings greater elegance and exclusivity to your home.

For this reason, wooden floors continue to be a highly demanded and valued option. A wooden floor never leaves you indifferent.

Normally, wooden floors used for interior use, are usually made of oak wood, which in addition to allowing many nuances, is a wood with great hardness and strength. Within the wooden floors, we can opt for the parquet or the wooden floating platform, which has the advantage of being able to be installed floating on the previous pavement without the need for gluing.

Advantages of wooden floors

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Wood floors bring beauty and warmth to the space, but they also stand out for other qualities that make them a very attractive option.

The main qualities and benefits offered by wood floors are:

Aesthetics and beauty

If anything characterizes these pavements is their great elegance and the beauty of wood, against which no other pavement can compete.

Natural wood has a richness of nuances and a look that is hard to beat, which can only be found in nature. Wood brings elegance to any space and in itself lends a unique personality and character.

In addition, the wood ages very well, giving the floor a unique character.

Exclusivity of each piece

In wood floors, each piece or strip is unique and different from any other.

Although nowadays there are other floors that manage to imitate wood with great realism, they always tend to have a certain homogeneity due to the repetition of the pattern.

This does not happen with wood floors, since they have different shades and irregularities between the grain and knots that are only possible in a natural wood floor. This creates 100% original and unique floors.

Wide variety

On wooden floors, we have an infinite number of possibilities to choose from.

The variety of designs is very wide, and we can find different types of wood, in all kinds of tones and in all kinds of finishes: rustic, aged, sanded, sawn, etc. This allows us to find the perfect model for each project.

Hygroscopic capacity

Wood is a hygroscopic material. This means that it absorbs and releases humidity, achieving a balance in the environment.

This property makes wooden floors have a positive effect, helping to purify the environment and maintaining an optimum degree of humidity at any time of the year.

In this way, wooden floors become an excellent option for people with respiratory problems or in cases of ailments such as rheumatism.

Thermal insulation

The internal structure of wood, which is formed by fibres, gives the wood a low conductivity and heat diffusion.

This characteristic makes the wood floor retain the heat of the heating system much better in winter, providing warmth to the environment, and the cold of the air conditioning in summer, favouring energy savings and better thermal performance in your home.

1-Bedroom apartment for sale in Gibraltar Town CenterAcoustic insulation

Wood has an internal structure with a density and porosity that makes it optimal for acoustic insulation.

In this way, the wood insulates and dampens external noise, avoiding the propagation and reverberation of footsteps, and making the floor very quiet in spaces with higher traffic.

Ecological and renewable

Wood is a material that can be easily recycled, making it an ecological and sustainable resource that not only adds beauty to our homes but also takes care of the environment.

In this sense, responsible forest management avoids the abandonment of forests, ensuring the sustainability of the forests and reducing the risk of pests or fires.

Hygienic and clean

Wood is a very hygienic and anti-allergic material, as it does not accumulate mites or dust, elements that can be a problem for allergy sufferers.

In this way, wooden floors are easier to keep clean, and they are also perfect for homes with children or people with allergies, asthma, etc.

High durability

The advantage of wood floors is that they can be scuffed to repair them and thus extend their useful life.

The process of slashing consists of sanding the surface layer to remove the deterioration of the surface and then applying oil or varnish, depending on the model.

The wood floor slashing allows you to leave the floor as new, with the same beauty and qualities as the beginning. This means that a quality wood floor can last for centuries.

How to care for your home with wood flooring in Gibraltar

Gibraltar enjoys a maritime Mediterranean climate, and this means that humidity levels are sometimes high.
Moisture is one of the enemies of wooden floors, these tips will help you to take care of your wooden floor so you can enjoy its beauty and shine for many years to come.

Ideal humidity

Both to maintain the wood floor and for our own health, the ideal is to maintain a relative humidity inside the home between 35% and 60%. If the environment is too humid, the wood floor will absorb it, which may cause the floor to warp or cracks to form.

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Careful with footwear

The advisable thing is to leave the footwear at the entrance of the house, in a doormat or similar, avoiding it entering in contact with the floor; in addition, the floor is less dirty and fewer bacteria enter from the street to the home.

Anti-humidity measures

The most immediate remedy is the installation of a dehumidifier. There are various types and sizes, some of which are easier to use because they are portable.

There is an even more economical and accessible option to take care of your wooden floor: anti-humidity tablets. They are composed of moisture-absorbing substances (such as sodium chloride or calcium chloride) that absorb ambient humidity and convert it into liquid.

Constant cleaning

Another key point to take care of your wooden floor in times of humidity is daily cleaning. One of the most basic recommendations is not to use water to clean the floor; it is advisable to use devices such as a vacuum cleaner or tools such as a brush or mop. Dry cleaning is best, but there are also certain products on the market that are suitable for wooden floors that can be used occasionally.

Buying an apartment with a wooden floor in the centre of Gibraltar

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