Advantages offered by Gibraltar to high level executives

High level executives living in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is well known among business people for its attractive tax regime and its position as a major European financial centre, and its Mediterranean flair makes it an ideal location for international business.

Gibraltar offers a wealth of opportunities including financial organizations, IT projects, genuine organizations, and accounting. The online gaming industry is one of the most important in the country and employs a large part of the workforce.

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This territory is absolutely spectacular. It has a magnificent landscape and a warm Mediterranean climate with beautiful pristine sandy beaches. Summers are dry and hot, and winters are mild.

English is the official language, although some people are also fluent in Spanish. It is an excellent tourist destination, with many restaurants, luxury stores, and cultural events, and its climate and infrastructure allow the practice of many different sports.

There are nightclubs and high-end resorts scattered throughout the city, giving it a beautiful getaway atmosphere.

Investment potential

According to a new report prepared by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Gibraltar is the territory that has experienced the greatest development in the last 20 years among all OECD countries. Gibraltar’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has 2-Bedroom Apartment To Let in Atlantic Suites Gibraltargrown by approximately 35% in the last five years and currently ranks among the top 20 developments in the world.

Gibraltar offers foreign investors that it has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe.

Given that Gibraltar continued to develop while other European nations faced challenges during the economic downturn, new entrepreneurs can be assured that they will benefit from a strong market.

Over the past few years, Gibraltar has become one of the most important financial centres in the region and has begun to attract a large number of people interested in the financial sector. The rise of this industry has led to the development of different businesses such as web-based gambling, the travel industry, and transportation.

Its admission to the European Economic Area offers a huge trading centre for foreign investors establishing organizations in Gibraltar. Its geographical position also offers access to developing business sectors in Europe and Africa.

Advantages offered by Gibraltar to high level executives

A growing number of CEOs are migrating to Gibraltar to benefit from the lifestyle and financial advantages available. Gibraltar specifically has a tax structure called the High Executives Possessing Specialized Skills (HEPSS) regime for moving executives and senior management.
A person who earns more than £160,000 in Gibraltar annually (or $120,000 in 2020–2021) and has the specialized skills required to support and grow the Gibraltar economy or develop and achieve growth in a specific area that the government is looking to facilitate and encourage is eligible for the HEPSS program.
Prescribed assessable income for those who are eligible for the HEPSS regime is capped at £160,000, and tax is due in accordance with the gross income-based tax system. The annual tax obligation, as a result, is £39,940.


The following HEPSS requirements must be met by applicants:

• They must possess specialized skills that are required to promote and sustain the economic activity of particular economic value to Gibraltar, or whose establishment, development, or growth the government is seeking to facilitate and encourage;

• They must not be readily available in Gibraltar and are crucial for Gibraltar’s economic development and growth; and

• They have to occupy a high exempt position.

The HEPSS-approved property must be used only by the applicant.

The applicant must not have previously resided or worked in Gibraltar within the three years prior to the application.

HEPSS status is granted based on the Finance Centre Director’s determination.

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