Expatriating to Gibraltar: 4 Tips for an awesome experience

Expatriating to Gibraltar: Whether for work or study, for a certain period of time or permanently, moving to another country is a big decision and a complicated step to take. It is difficult to know where to start, which is why we created this list of tips to help you prepare yourself with everything you need to know before expatriating to Gibraltar

Expatriating to Gibraltar

Especially if you are considering relocating to another country for work, this process can be a great opportunity for your career, and to take advantage of it, you must first take into account the move, the new culture, and perhaps a different language. For this, we share with you the steps to follow to be ready in terms of documentation, packing, and more practical tips.

Prepare yourself mentally (every beginning is hard)

Of course, expatriating to Gibraltar can be complicated and stressful, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Moving abroad can cause big changes in your lifestyle and it’s important to make this decision with climate, language, cultural differences, and even work ethic in mind.

This is why it is recommended to make a temporary trip prior to your move, to get to know the place better and to recognise the possible changes that could affect your family or your personal interests.

Since this is a significant step, it is best to start organising and planning in advance, doing small tasks or pending tasks in your free time so that when the moving day approaches, you are not under so much pressure.

Expatriating to Gibraltar: New language and culture

Expatriating to Gibraltar

One of the most complicated transitions can be adapting to the new language and customs. In the beginning, it can be very useful to learn certain phrases to communicate the basics, for that you can carry a translation book or instal an application; however, it will be essential to learn the language fluently, either for work issues from reading documents to writing important paperwork, as well as for social issues.

Even if the official language in the destination country is your native language, remember that there may be words with different meanings and the colloquial language or vocabulary has been adapted to the customs and habits of each place.

Also, you can research the habits and traditions of the country in question, such as festivities, food, or how the population is handled in terms of business and trade relations, in order to prepare you and approach the community around you.

The official language of Gibraltar is English, if it is not your native language and you want to improve your level, in Gibraltar you will find many opportunities to learn it, there are language academies, and the University of Gibraltar also offers courses, both general and specialised.

Formalities and documentation

Before expatriating to Gibraltar, especially if your native language is not English, it is important to consult the legal formalities you will need to complete upon arrival.

There are specific documents and formalities, depending on the purpose of your move, whether it is for work, study, or other reasons.

These are some of the aspects you should take into account:

Passport and Visa

Make sure that the validity is valid for the time you plan to stay plus an extra 6 months.

If you are moving for work and your company hires a good moving or relocation company, they will be able to provide you with all the information you need. You usually need a special permit or visa to work legally.


There will be a number of identification cards that will not be necessary, you can collect them and keep them for when you need to return them. Expatriating to Gibraltar, Expatriating to Gibraltar, Expatriating to Gibraltar.


If it is for work purposes, consider that you might be asked for your professional degree translated into English, if so, prepare it with time and investigate how to manage it at the university.

Important documents

You may have important but not indispensable documents such as a contract or Social Security information and, if you need them, it would not hurt to have them handy. You can take them with you or even file them and leave them with a close family member.

Expatriating to Gibraltar

Formalities to be cancelled

Bank direct debits.

  • If you have charges or credits to an existing account, such as membership fees or magazine subscriptions, we recommend cancelling them in advance.

Telephone, water, and electricity

  • Investigate how long you have to cancel these services without penalties, especially for telephone companies.

Housing rental

  • If you rent the space where you currently live, consult your lease to determine how much notice you should give the landlord.

Renting or selling your property

  • You will need to make a decision about your current property depending on whether your housing abroad is temporary or permanent. Renting your old home has the advantage of additional income.

Find housing in Gibraltar

Altho looking for an apartment is never an easy process, much less if you are not yet in your destination country. If you are looking to buy or rent a property in Gibraltar, it is essential to have an efficient and experienced real estate agent.

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The success of your investment depends largely on the real estate agent you choose. Contact us today with WhatsApp or Email Us and start enjoying your new life in Gibraltar. Expatriating to Gibraltar.