Catalan Bay Gibraltar and Little Genoa: 2 Impressive places

Catalan Bay Gibraltar

Catalan Bay Gibraltar

Windows with green and blue shutters, pastel-coloured facades, arched doorways… In some corners of Gibraltar, one could feel transported to a Genoese village in northern Italy.

Catalan Bay Gibraltar has about 1,000 families whose origins are Genoese fishermen – Over the years it has gone from being a major military enclave to one of the most touristic areas of the Rock.

The rich mix of cultures and people that Gibraltar enjoys has no borders. Proof of this is the centuries-old village of Catalan Bay, a small and colourful area located at the foot of the Rock on the east coast that has one of the most popular coves. Catalan Bay Gibraltar, Catalan Bay Gibraltar, Catalan Bay Gibraltar, Catalan Bay Gibraltar.

The inhabitants of this maritime village -the Caleteros- come from the Italian province of Genoa. Former fishermen who settled here when the Genoese controlled maritime traffic in the Mediterranean. In addition to fishing, they were dedicated to the maintenance, supply, and construction of the fleets that were based here. Today, La Caleta is a tourist district where fishing has ceased to be a way of life and has become a hobby.

Catalan Bay Beach is the intermediate beach between Eastern Beach and Sandy Bay Beach, on the eastern side of the Rock, bordered by the Mediterranean coast of Gibraltar. It is the second-largest beach on the Rock.

The brightness, the colours, the smell of seafood, the smiles, and the festive appeal, make you sincerely feel in another world. The beach is nothing short of spectacular, and the gastronomic offer is incredible. It is easily accessible by bus, is well maintained, and, not for nothing, is probably the most popular beach in Gibraltar.

The beach is located in the territory of the city with a picturesque view. between the mountains It is surrounded by a rugged coastline.

It is a beach with several small coves. The seawater is crystal clear turquoise and light-coloured sand, so here you do not need special footwear. This beach is ideal for relaxing. A big plus is that in high season it is almost uncrowded.

Catalan Bay Gibraltar

The entire coast of Catalan Bay Beach is very well equipped, the list of its infrastructure includes, a café and bar. In season, there is a lifeguard on the beach.

In addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can also participate in other activities such as kayaking.

Access to the beach is convenient, and the distance to the road is less than 500 meters. Near the beach, there is a parking lot.

Little Genoa Neighbourhood, Catalan Bay Gibraltar

Little Genoa is tucked away from the bustle of the city in a calm neighbourhood and a bay. The location is on a major bus line that runs through town and includes a night bus service for people who want to enjoy the nightlife in one of the many pubs, clubs, theatres, or cinemas that are located in the city centre and major marinas.

Little Genoa is only a 10-minute drive from Gibraltar’s two largest supermarkets, and Catalan Bay does offer a few local businesses to help with any last-minute needs.

Little Genoa is well situated at Catalan Bay, overlooking a stunning beach with a horseshoe shape.

Schools in the Little Genoa area

This area of Gibraltar has good accessibility to Gibraltarian schools.

Notre Dame is a Pre-School and First School that is only a 15-minute walk from Little Genoa. Very close to this school is St. Anne’s, which offers Middle School education. In the same area, we also find Bayside Boys’ Comprehensive School, with the girls’ Middle School, Westside Girls, which is only a few further stops away on the bus, or another few minutes driving.

The University of Gibraltar, on the other hand, is in the southern district, just a few minutes drive away.

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