Tips to decorate your studio apartment

Tips to decorate your studio apartment. Have you bought a studio apartment in Gibraltar? It is a perfect property to start living independently and usually has more affordable prices. Now, decorating this space can be a bit tricky, as you have to transform a single room into a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and office.

All these adjustments during the decoration of a studio apartment can be quite a challenge. To simplify this task a bit, we show you how to design the look in this type of property quite simply.

Incorporate a room divider

Buy Studio apartment in GibraltarAs you can imagine, the division of the space you have can be somewhat complex in a studio apartment. After all, you have only one room. So, if you want to separate the room you own without having to add new walls, you can use a room divider.

Most of these can be opened or closed, which will help you create a sense of privacy and distance within the room. There are many models available in a variety of materials: from screens made of fabric to more solid wooden structures.

Install a glass partition

Room dividers are great for separating each room and giving you some privacy. However, if you only have one window in the apartment, they could cause one room to get all the light and the other to be dark. That is quite inconvenient.

In that case, what you can do is install a glass room divider. This adds enough visual separation to the room and, at the same time, lets in plenty of light. In fact, some models have blued glass, which gives you a higher level of privacy.

Limit your colour palette

Generally speaking, when it comes to decorating a studio apartment, you should avoid using too many colors. This excess will only make your room feel cluttered. As you probably already know, white can increase the feeling of spaciousness anywhere, so it’s a good alternative.

You have the possibility to check out the different shades of this colour and select the one that catches your eye the most. Now, that doesn’t mean that all the walls and furniture at home have to be white.

If you want to choose colours for small apartments, you will simply have to limit the palette to a maximum of two shades. It’s not mandatory that you include white, but they have to be fairly light shades that disperse light throughout the room.

Divide spaces from the floor

If you don’t quite like the idea of adding room dividers, there is a very subtle way to delimit each zone within your studio apartment. You simply need to focus on giving the rooms a different floor.

Okay, maybe changing the flooring is a bigger change than you originally thought, plus it’s a permanent one. If that prospect doesn’t encourage you, then you can achieve the same effect by adding a large rug. If you place it near the bed, this will clearly mark the bedroom space.

Keep the bed out of sight

Maybe your apartment is too small to fit a bed and a couple of armchairs in the same space. That’s why another idea for decorating a studio apartment is to add a sofa bed. Nowadays, you will find a lot of different models that are very comfortable.

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Acquire multi-purpose furniture

And since we are talking about acquiring a sofa bed, it is a good idea to acquire other multipurpose furniture. Space is not a factor that you have in abundance in a studio apartment. These usually have a fairly compact design. In addition, many have internal storage compartments, which fit very well with a small property.

Don’t add too many items

One of the most negative things about the decoration of a studio apartment is to saturate it with furniture and objects. So, if you are about to move into a studio apartment, you will have to purge several of your items. Limit yourself to only the furniture you need at home, anything that has no definite purpose should be left out.

This applies not only to furniture but also to decorative objects and other complementary accessories. In fact, a style that fits quite well with small spaces is minimalist decoration, which you should consider in your home.

These are the main notions that you should be clear about when decorating studio apartments. Delimit carefully the space you have and make the most of your property.

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