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Reverse cycle air conditioning

Although Gibraltar does not usually experience extreme temperatures, cold, or heat waves, there are days in winter when it is necessary to turn on the heating, and in summer we sometimes have to turn on the air conditioning.

One of the most efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning systems is the reverse air conditioning system using heat pumps.

What is a reverse cycle air conditioning system?

A heat pump is a thermodynamic device that takes the heat present in a medium (e.g. air, water, earth) and transfers it to another medium with a higher temperature level.

In its basic mode of operation, the heat pump is used to provide heat to a room through the compression cycle of refrigerant fluid. However, this cycle can be reversed. Generally, for the operation of the heat pump, a thermodynamic compression system is used.

Getting air conditioning with a reversible heat pump is the most efficient way to reduce the temperature of space since the heat pump always delivers more energy than it consumes. Among its advantages, the heat pump captures energy from renewable sources (such as ambient air, soil, or groundwater), converts it into usable energy, and reduces dependence on other more polluting sources. In addition to its capacity to capture renewable energy, the heat pump contributes to the reduction of indirect CO2 emissions, as a direct consequence of its operating efficiency.

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A heat pump uses the state-change properties of refrigerant fluid. This refrigerant fluid in a vapor or gas state is compressed by a compressor. As the pressure rises, it gives up calories to a condenser and changes to a liquid state. It then passes through a decompressor: its pressure and temperature rise, and it passes to the gaseous state inside an evaporator where it recovers calories and generates heat.

In the case of a reversible heat pump, this cycle is reversed, so that the evaporator will be placed inside the room and the condenser outside causing the reverse effect: transferring heat from inside the room to outside so that the room temperature will drop. Thus, we get cold.

It would be impractical to have two units, so each heat exchanger (one inside and one outside the building) must function as both a condenser and an evaporator, depending on the mode of operation. One method of achieving this is to add a reversing valve in the cycle, in addition to the compressor and throttling device.

Types of reversible heat pumps

There are several types of reversible heat pumps:

Air-to-air heat pump: the heat taken from the air is transferred directly to the air of the room to be heated.
Air-to-water heat pump: the heat is taken from the air and transferred to a water circuit that will supply floor/ceiling heating/cooling, radiators, fan coils, or fan heaters.
Water-to-water heat pump: the system takes the heat from a water circuit in contact with an element that will provide it with heat (ground, water table) to transfer it to another water circuit as in the previous case. This is the system generally adopted by geothermal heat pumps.
Geothermal heat pump: this type of heat pump obtains energy from the ground through a heat transfer fluid that absorbs the heat from the ground and transmits it to the pump’s cooling circuit.

3 Bedrooms Apartment To Let in Forbes Gibraltar

Guarantee of a perfect temperature

This air conditioning system achieves the perfect temperature in the home, both in summer and winter. In addition to the advantages of having a device that performs both functions, the air conditioning with a heat pump consumes much less than electric radiators with the same generated power and this allows us to save on the electricity bill since this device always delivers more energy than it consumes.

Advantages of heat pumps

1. Saves: The air conditioning with a air to air heat pump consumes up to 78% less than a conventional electric radiator and 42% less than a heat pump older than 10 years. In addition, it will provide greater comfort, cleaner air, and greater energy efficiency.

2. Provides maximum comfort: This device stands out for its versatility, as it achieves the perfect temperature, whatever the season.

3. Improves the air in your home: The specific filters that the air conditioner with a heat pump has improved the air quality.

4. Single installation: Install the air conditioning and heating at once with air conditioners with integrated heat pumps. You will save on costs and time.

5. Reduces the time to reach the optimum temperature: The air conditioner with a heat pump heats instantly in front of the radiator. This has to heat up and takes longer to perform convection to heat the room.

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