What are the advantages of renting a studio in Gibraltar?

Renting a Studio in Gibraltar. The studios for rent are homes that generally have small dimensions and are characterized by integrating into the same room bedroom, kitchen (often open plan), and living-dining room.

Due to their small size, the studios have a lower price compared to other existing housing in the real estate market and are generally suitable for one or two people. Another important aspect is that their energy consumption is usually lower due to their smaller size, as well as their maintenance.

Studio To Let in Ocean Spa Plaza, Gibraltar

Despite their peculiar characteristics, studios are a very popular type of housing in cities such as Gibraltar, as they are the most economical option for living in areas with high demand.

It is common to find studio apartments for rent. The reason, together with their lower cost, is that they are a great solution for very specific audiences, such as independent professionals or students. People who live alone or as a couple and are looking to save money to be able to buy a bigger house or who are in a temporary situation and do not want to spend more money on renting a bigger house (people displaced for work, etc.).

Advantages of the studios for rent


One of the main advantages offered by studios for rent is their location, which is more evident in cities. In general, they are very well located, usually in the city centre and with all the main services around (transportation, leisure, health, shopping, etc.).


The main reason for the demand for rental studios is their price. As they are smaller properties, their cost is lower than that of other properties in the same location. That is to say, on many occasions they allow their tenants to live in certain areas that would be unattainable if they had to rent a larger property.


Another of the most valued aspects of studio apartments is privacy. Many people who cannot rent a larger apartment alone prefer studios to preserve their privacy and not have to share the space with other people.

Thus, they are often the choice of those who want to enjoy solitude and do not want to risk a noisy or annoying roommate or roommates. Those who may want to enjoy their moments of relaxation without having to ask permission to enjoy their music, their favourite TV show, or their favourite game.


Another great advantage of rental studios is that, due to their small size, they are much easier to maintain, since their organization and cleaning take less time. Likewise, they are also more economical when it comes to heating them in winter and cooling them in summer.

How to choose a studio for rent in Gibraltar?

Studio To Let in Ocean Spa Plaza, GibraltarIf you are looking for a good studio for rent, the first thing to consider is its location. We say that they are usually located near the centre of the cities, but you should also check your personal interests, such as the proximity to your place of work or studies.

Also, the size is important, because that will change the price you pay for it. But in addition to the meters in relation to the price, you must value what you sacrifice when renting a studio. Yes, it is a small apartment and it may require you to give up certain comforts, but not everything goes. You do not have to accept a burrow without light or an uncomfortable or unintelligent distribution.

Another aspect that you must take into account is that in the house you will have little social life, so if possible it is important that your building has good common areas (swimming pool, sports facilities, etc.). If there are restaurants in the vicinity of your community, this will also be useful on some occasions.

If you opt for a furnished studio, look at the quality of the furniture, its distribution, and its functionality. If, in addition to being a small apartment, you rent it poorly furnished, you will lose even more space.

You should also take into account the temperature offered by the apartment. Because of its size, it can be easy to heat or cool, but everything will depend on the air conditioning systems it has. Similarly, if you do not have natural light, the cost of lighting will be higher.

Finally, if you are a very busy person (freelance professional, etc.), you may be interested in renting your studio in one of those buildings that also offer their tenants added services like a hotel: laundry, cleaning, etc.

Studio apartment in Ocean Spa Plaza for Rent

Studio To Let in Ocean Spa Plaza, GibraltarCENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is delighted to offer a studio apartment in Ocean Spa Plaza for Rent.

Situated on a high floor with views of the Rock and Spain. The apartment benefits from a superb terrace and adequate living space.

Ocean Spa Plaza has the “Sky Spa” on the top level which will enjoy stunning views and water features including Jacuzzi, saunas, steam room, hydro massage, and jets.

Located conveniently for the City Centre, Gibraltar International Airport, the newly opened World Trade Centre, and not to mention Ocean Village with its array of restaurants, bars, and shops, 5* yacht hotel, and casino.

Alternative location:

Marina club     E1 Eastside     EuroCity     Upper Town

Viewing is highly recommended. Contact CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR‘s rental specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, today, he can assist you in English and Spanish. Tel: +350 56285000Email: rentals@century21gibraltar.com.

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