How to find a rental apartment in Gibraltar with C21?

How to find a rental apartment in Gibraltar? Whether it is the first time you are looking for a rental apartment or if you have already been a tenant in the past, you should keep in mind that there are many aspects to consider when choosing your ideal rental apartment in Gibraltar.

Getting it right is not always easy and it often happens that, when you have been living in your new apartment for a few weeks, you start to find important defects or inconveniences that you had not noticed before.

Rental Apartment in Gibraltar

What do you have to consider before renting?

2-Bedroom Apartment to let in Imperial Ocean Plaza, Gibraltar

Before you start looking, you should ask yourself some questions:

How long do you want to rent an apartment? on many occasions, the owner will ask you for a minimum stay of one year, although you can find other offers for shorter periods. Keep in mind that if you sign a contract for a certain period, the landlord may ask you for compensation if you want to terminate it before the agreed term.

Do you have all the documentation: The basics are your identity documents, although the landlord may ask you for other documentation that proves your financial solvency, such as your banking history or your last pay checks. Of course, the identity documents must be valid.

If you have already figured out what rent you can afford and you have your documents in order, it is time to look for the apartment that best suits your circumstances. Let’s take a look at some tips for making the best choice:

The best ways to find a rental apartment in Gibraltar

Let’s not fool ourselves, sometimes finding a nice apartment to rent can be very complicated. You can get lucky and find yours the first time, but it usually costs you several weeks, a few trips and visits and, in addition, you have to do the math on what it will cost you to live in one area or another.
The best way to find an apartment in Gibraltar is certainly through a real estate agency. They can provide legal advice and make sure that no abusive clauses are applied. They can also help us with data protection. Matters such as payroll are very sensitive and should not fall into the hands of just anyone. Having the help of a real estate agent when renting guarantees that your documentation is safe. The real estate agent checks that everything is correct and that the conditions of habitability are met so that the tenant does not have any unpleasant surprises once you live in the apartment. For all these reasons, renting apartment in Gibraltar through a real estate agent will always be an advantage for both landlord and tenant.

2-Bedroom Apartment to let in Imperial Ocean Plaza, Gibraltar

Think carefully about the area you want to live in.

The importance of the location of an apartment is demonstrated by the difference in prices between good areas and not-so-good ones. In the centre of the cities, prices soar, while as we move away from the centre, prices go down.

The problem of location is therefore mainly an economic problem. When choosing one area or another, value the cost of living in each place. It is possible that renting the most central apartment will be more expensive, but you will have to take into account the commuting costs if you choose one that is farther away.

If you can walk to the centre or to your place of work it will be great, but if you have to use public transportation you will have to calculate how much you can spend in a month of commuting.

The Ocean Village area of Gibraltar is ideal for those who want to live close to the centre and the airport without having to use public transport. This area has amenities such as swimming pools and spas, as well as being surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and stores.

Check the communal areas, not just the apartment

When you go to visit an apartment with the intention of renting it, pay attention to the facilities of the community. Look to see if it looks new or if it is neglected, if it has a good elevator, if it has good lighting, or if there are architectural barriers for the disabled, among other things.

Also, check if there is an elevator. It is not too important if you live on the first floor, but on the second floor, it is very useful to go up with weight or even to go up and down with a bicycle.

Grand Ocean Plaza, for example, is one of the most modern residential complexes. It draws visitors and residents from all over the world. A combination of modern design and its distinctive blue glass-clad towers makes this residential complex a distinguished and prestigious location for city apartment living.

2-Bedroom Apartment to let in Imperial Ocean Plaza, Gibraltar

Everything you need to check when viewing an apartment

Take advantage of the visits to each apartment to look at all these aspects:

The interior layout of an apartment

It is about analysing if the apartment is going to bring you comfort in the long term, so it is important to know how to value it on the first visit you make.

Check if the apartment has many useless spaces. As useless spaces, we can understand corners that cannot be used for anything, corridors or terraces that do not offer the possibility of putting some chairs or clothes horse. These spaces end up being not very comfortable, although sometimes it is unavoidable to have them.

The furniture and its condition

Another aspect to take into account. The best option is to choose a furnished apartment because this will save you the cost of buying everything you need to move in. In addition to the financial savings, moving house is always heavy, so when you move out of the apartment you will save yourself having to take a lot of things with you.

Of course, if the owner offers you a furnished apartment, the furniture, electrical appliances, and household goods must be in good condition. Take the time to check that everything is in order and working properly, and if you think something is wrong or missing, let the landlord know. Check that windows and doors open and close properly.

Electricity, water, and gas installations

Ask to see the controls of the installations and ask the landlord to explain how everything works. The controls of these installations are becoming increasingly intuitive, but you should know how to act in the event of an electrical failure or a problem with the plumbing.

Check faucets, toilets, and showers. Make sure that hot water comes out with sufficient pressure.

Renting an apartment in Grand Ocean Village, Gibraltar – Grand Ocean Plaza – Ocean village – 2 Bed to Rent

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