Preparing the house for the summer: tips to fight the heat

Preparing the house for the summer. We have been having very high temperatures for several weeks now, so it is time to prepare for the coming months. And there are a number of tips to combat the heat at home that we can follow.

In addition to turning on the air conditioning (for those who have it), there are other ways to keep the house cool and pleasant even in the middle of a heat wave. Want to know what they are?


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Protect your home during peak sun hours

When the sun’s rays heat up the facade of your home, it is important to put up barriers. In addition to closing windows and lowering blinds, it is advisable to use awnings or exterior curtains. This will prevent the outside wall from heating up and the heat from seeping into the house.

Ventilate when the temperature drops

When night falls and the thermometer drops, open all the windows and ventilate the house well! First thing in the morning can also be a good time to let the heat accumulate during the night out and let the coolness in.

If the house has opposite facades, use cross ventilation to promote air movement. And if it has more than one floor, open the top and bottom windows at the same time so that the hot air that accumulates at the top can escape.

Fill the house with plants

Another of the simplest tips to combat the heat at home is to fill the interior and exterior of the house with plants. They absorb heat, block the sun’s rays, and increase the feeling of humidity…

For example, a vine on the balcony will prevent the sun’s rays from entering directly into the house. And indoors, certain plants such as ferns help maintain a more uniform temperature.

Moderate the use of electrical appliances

Appliances that are on or idle tend to heat up, which will increase the temperature inside the building and generate unnecessary energy costs. Remember to unplug them when you are not using them. And also, if you can, avoid using the oven.

Install ceiling fans

This device has an important advantage over air conditioning: its electricity consumption is very low. And, in addition, it generates a very pleasant breeze even if there is no airflow at all. This is especially comfortable, especially for sleeping at night.

Humidify the environment

Another trick to avoid the heat is to use humidifiers or slightly wet the curtains so that, when the air enters from the outside, it is automatically cooled. This will avoid the suffocating sensation of dry heat.

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Use light textiles

At night is when you suffer the most from the heat as it prevents you from falling asleep. To improve the sensation, change the sheets to light fabrics such as cotton or linen. If they are light-coloured, all the better.

Use LED bulbs

If you haven’t switched to LED bulbs yet, the time has come. Not only do they last longer and consume less energy, but they also don’t get hot. As you know, traditional bulbs give off heat when they are on.

In addition to applying these simple tips inside your home, it’s also important to take care of yourself during the warmer months. Stay hydrated, eat lightly, and avoid playing sports during the middle hours of the day. And if you can, the best way to stay cool is to take a dip in the pool or the sea from time to time.

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Preparing the house for the summer – Preparing the house for the summer – Preparing the house for the summer – Preparing the house for the summer – Preparing the house for the summer – Preparing the house for the summer.