7 storage ideas that will maximize the space in your home

Maximize the space in your home. There is no doubt that in life we accumulate many things and it is a reality that a house with storage possibilities is a house that greatly facilitates our day-to-day. But, with the rise in real estate prices, houses are getting smaller and smaller, and storage ideas are greatly reduced.

If your home does not have specific areas or enough closets, we want to tell you that there are many innovative ways to solve the problem of clutter in your home. More than specific storage spaces, what you need are smart solutions.

Some tips to improve your storage space

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1 Multitasking furniture

Use furniture that is versatile, and in addition to being decorative, can also be used for storage. Chests of drawers, tables with drawers or shelves, trunks, will become very popular places to store blankets, magazines, toys, extra bedding, and other utensils that you use often.

In addition, shelves, apart from books, become excellent allies for displaying and storing other household items. Drawers and hatches can even be inserted into some of them, creating an ideal storage solution.

2 Use beautiful and functional baskets and boxes

Don’t hesitate to use decorative boxes, metal buckets, baskets, and lidded jars to add a touch of style on top of a table or shelf. It’s one of the best storage ideas and can be very useful for storing keys, remote controls, coins, and other small items that are difficult to store in one place and are often scattered around the house.

3 Use dead spaces

Look for dead spaces in your home and use them as storage places. Chances are you can place a piece of furniture with drawers and take advantage of that space. These types of places, such as small recessed areas, corners, and the space under a bay window, for example, are great to take advantage of with shelves. And you’ll have a perfect storage spot!

4 Fanatics of canapés

Using a canapé bed is one of the most exceptional storage ideas. Although it may not seem like it, the space under the bed can be very useful for items that would otherwise take up a lot of room, such as clothes from other seasons or suitcases. There are even bed bases with integrated drawers, for better use. In the case of a children’s room, it is an excellent place to store bulky toys.

And don’t forget that there are also sofa beds with this option, to take advantage of this storage space in the living room as well.

5 Divide and conquer

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When you have a room or a specific space for storage, such as a storage room, often everything ends up cluttered or stacked, without truly taking advantage of the space. For these cases, storage of garbage cans or boxes can be a great option. You can also add shelving to create specific sections and maximize the space you have.

Also, for deep closets, you can use stackable boxes and take advantage of all the space inside. Shelf dividers will also allow you to efficiently use vertical space.

6 Always bet on shelves

They will undoubtedly be your allies in this task of storage ideas. One idea, for example, is to remove your traditional headboard and create one from a couple of shallow shelves, on which you can deposit books, magazines, and your alarm clock.

Or, if on the other hand, you don’t have room for a nightstand, you can place a small shelf next to the bed.

7 Hanging, the great solution

You should always think about the vertical option when looking for an additional storage solution in your home. In the kitchen, for example, hanging pots and pans is a very simple resource and will allow you to save cabinet space for other things.

In the bedroom, you can take advantage of your jewellery to turn it into a small work of art by displaying it in a special frame on the wall. Also, to save space in the drawers of the closets, you can use special hangers to hang ties, scarves, and belts.

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