Why invest in a luxury penthouse in Gibraltar?

Penthouses are luxurious apartments located on the highest floor of a building. These types of apartments offer tenants a great view and privacy and can be found today all over the world. Generally, penthouses are located in prime locations and offer spacious interiors. The design includes many upgraded amenities, such as better appliances, increased security, larger balconies, and floor plans, as well as private entrances, making them more expensive than typical homes.

Why invest in a luxury penthouse in Gibraltar?

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Buying a penthouse is a good investment for both buyers and occupants. Here’s why

The View

It is a well-known fact that the view from any apartment is very important because it is considered the epitome of luxury. And in penthouses, the view and scenery are extremely important features. Penthouses often include floor-to-ceiling windows, which helps give penthouse owners or occupants maximum access to the landscape and surrounding area.


When buying a penthouse, expectations are often very high, and the goal is to make the most of being undisturbed and enjoying the best privacy. Penthouses are the best way to get the privacy you need, as foot traffic outside the door is almost non-existent, and sounds coming from the streets are greatly subdued. One of the best features of these types of apartments is that you can sometimes have your own parking space, allowing you to escape future problems related to both parking and space.

Natural light

Because penthouses are often located at the top of buildings, they receive the maximum amount of light through the sun’s rays. This is especially true because almost all attics are designed with floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing heat into the rooms as well. This is why attics do not require as much lighting during the day. Natural lighting will lead to better performance during the day, as it is believed to make people more productive and more energetic, which means occupants will feel more satisfied and have a better mood.

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Like lighting, living at the top of a tall building means more air and wind. The ample space and large windows in the attic allow plenty of fresh air to enter the rooms. Fresh air can create a healthier environment for occupants and provide them with a better experience, especially in the summer. Natural ventilation also means that utility bills will be lower and energy costs, as well as usage, will be reduced, creating a healthier and greener home that has a reduced effect on the environment. Moreover, most attics are well-equipped and have high-quality and efficient ventilation systems installed for winter and colder days.

Open space and open floor plans

It is a well-known fact that penthouses are spacious and roomy with luxurious designs. Open floor plans are becoming very popular in the fields of architecture and design, and are being used more nowadays in apartments, including penthouses, which gives the occupants of the apartment the opportunity to utilize the space in a better and more efficient way. A spacious apartment also allows more light to flood the rooms, making the space appear larger than it actually is. This can bring a relaxing experience and allows the occupants to have better mobility and more room to move furniture around when the occupants feel like changing the design style of their home.

Terrace or garden

One of the best advantages of penthouses is having a large terrace or garden, in addition to spacious interiors. The terrace or garden allows you to create an outdoor space with tables, chairs, and a sitting area to enjoy the view and at the same time the fresh air. This allows occupants to have a relaxing experience after a long day. And aside from the decorative benefits they provide, terraces and gardens also serve as a tool for temperature control. Terraces and gardens also tend to reduce heat and energy costs in the apartment.

Overall, it seems that the demand for penthouses will increase in the coming years, no matter what the situation of the real estate market will be in the future, as their value will never decrease due to their many advantages and benefits. Needless to say, a penthouse comes with some details that make it valuable and highly demanded among homebuyers, especially the view and location of the apartment, as well as the privacy that the occupants have compared to regular apartments in the same building.


Why should you live in Gibraltar?

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Although the area of Gibraltar is small, tourism is constantly booming.

Furthermore, living in Gibraltar is very comfortable and it is an easy place to adapt to. This is thanks to its constantly growing economy.

Gibraltar is known for its Mediterranean climate and is a blessing for those who like a warm climate. This territory offers its residents sunny days and mild winters.

On the other hand, the medical care offered is very important, especially for foreigners looking to emigrate. Gibraltar’s medical service is of very high quality. Both private and public clinics can be found in this territory.

Besides being an excellent place to start or expand a business, Gibraltar is also a paradise for foreigners. The modern infrastructure and its high level of security have attracted many foreigners in recent years.

Gibraltar is a strategic point of connection for several airports in Europe and the world and therefore has become a second home for many citizens who have been able to adapt to life here, enjoying the sun and the beaches and obtaining some of the best benefits in Europe.

Investing in a luxury penthouse in the E1 building in Gibraltar

Buy apartment in E1 GibraltarE1 boasts spectacular Mediterranean views, and high-quality finishes throughout and enjoys features such as Marazzi natural stone flooring, generous fitted wardrobes, spacious terraces, air-conditioning with reverse cycle climate control, and avant-garde fully fitted kitchens. These suites are ready to move in with kitchen equipment, flat screen TV, bedding, towels, furniture, etc. all provided for as if you were staying at a hotel. Residents may also benefit from private parking in the secure covered automated car parking stacker as well as secure access to the commercial areas and amenities.
CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is pleased to offer a spectacular Penthouse in E1. This 2 bed 2 bath property situated on the 19th floor has an internal floor space of 87sqm plus a large 44sqm outdoor terrace offering spectacular views out towards Spain. This apartment includes two parking spaces as well as a lock-up store.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact our sales specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, he can assist you in English and Spanish

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