Advantages of living in a duplex in Gibraltar

Advantages of living in a duplex in Gibraltar

Your family is growing and you are looking for a house with more rooms? A duplex is an excellent option. Surely you have heard the term duplex before, this is a very attractive type of housing that has two floors that have totally different environments and are connected by a staircase. This type of apartment is perfect for families with children or who are looking to grow. We tell you the advantages of living in a duplex so you can make the best decision.

More privacy

2 Bedrooms duplex for sale in Gibraltar

The benefit of living in a duplex is that you have two floors to occupy in different ways. The first one can be for your family and the second one for social gatherings. This way, your family will have their own private place, since the rooms are separated. The noise that may occur in the meeting will be isolated, so it will not affect the rest and each member of the family can rest when they want. In addition, you have at your disposal the terrace area with a grill area for you alone, since the duplex comes with one. You will not have to share it with the neighbors and you will be able to use it whenever you want.

Natural lighting

These types of homes are designed to take advantage of natural light throughout the day. The top floor is usually the brightest floor. This will allow you to save electricity during the day.

More space

When living in a duplex you will obviously have more square meters in your home. This also means that you have more rooms ideal for your children and other members of your family. An additional benefit is that each of the rooms is usually larger, which will allow you a better distribution of furniture in bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and dining room, among others. It is like having all the benefits of a house in a building, without paying the cost of a house.

Incredible views

From the second-floor terrace, you have a panoramic view of Grand Casemates Square. This will help you disconnect when you come home from work or relax on the weekends. With these incredible views, you will always want to come home. In addition, each of your social gatherings will have a nice view of this urban landscape.

2 Bedrooms duplex for sale in Gibraltar


The versatility in terms of space distribution is a very important point in a duplex because, on the second floor you will have the living-dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and social area on the second floor if you want. However, on the second floor, you will also be able to define an environment to work when you want. This way you will be away from the noise of the kitchen and the living room. In addition, you can allocate one of the free spaces to expand your closet and have the clothes of all seasons well cared for or you have the option to do what you need according to your lifestyle.


Economic reasons are a good reason when buying a duplex.

A duplex is a special type of housing, as it provides all the advantages offered by a villa compared to a single-story apartment, but at a much lower and more affordable price.

Living in Grand Casemates, Gibraltar

2 Bedrooms duplex for sale in GibraltarLocated at the northern end of Main Street, this square, also known as The Esplanade, is lined with pubs, bars, and restaurants. Strategically located at the entrance to Main Street, in the heart of Gibraltar’s commercial district, this lively area was once the site of public executions. Following the redevelopment of the square in the 1990s to replace a parking lot that took up half of the square, it has become a very pleasant place full of terraces of restaurants, cafes, and bars, and with it one of the centers of Gibraltar’s nightlife. The Esplanade is also used to host several important cultural events, such as open-air concerts, military parades, Gibraltar National Day celebrations, and New Year’s Eve parties.

Living in Casemates means being close to everything: stores, cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets, in a lively and vibrant area.

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is pleased to offer this charming bright and airy duplex apartment located in the heart of town. This 2 Bed (originally a 3) 1 Bath property maintains its original features. The first level comprises a fully fitted kitchen, and a spacious living room leading to a 7sqm balcony overlooking the popular casemates square. The second level comprises of 2 large double bedrooms and a bathroom furthermore a loft area which provides plenty of storage.

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