Ideas for decorating your duplex penthouse in Gibraltar

Decorating your duplex penthouse in Gibraltar. The decoration of an attic is a question that affects both the organization of the interior and exterior when it comes to terraced housing. An attic is the top floor of a block and can have a conventional height and a straight roof or be sloping and then we will also play with attic roof ideas.

On the other hand, academics say that a duplex is nothing more than a “set of two superimposed floors joined by an interior staircase, intended for independent housing”. Although correct, the definition falls somewhat short to talk about one of the most sought-after buildings in Gibraltar. More space, privacy, and even more light are some of the features that make these buildings a dream for many buyers. But, once they become owners, the recurring question is how to decorate a duplex.

A few tips

3 Bedrooms Duplex Penthouse For Sale Eurotowers Gibraltar

Terraces protected from the sun

Although one of the advantages of the penthouses is that you will never have the looks of other neighbours over your terrace, precisely for this reason, you will receive all the direct sun. And this is an advantage when it comes to enjoying the sunlight and its warmth in winter but also a disadvantage in summer since the heat accumulates inside the house and also outside. So inside the house, it is essential to have a good cooling system, and outside you should invest in a solution that provides shade to the terrace, either pergola, roofing, or awning, always bearing in mind that it must be a safe system for the possibility of strong winds to be unprotected space. An attic is totally different from any other floor that we have been able to find in any type of building, not only for the height but also for the views and for the climatic differences that we find in these houses, since being so close to the roof there can be in clemencies of much heat, cold or wind.

Make the most of the views

You have to take advantage of the views. That’s why almost all penthouses are always open to terraces. Normally these floors are not usually used as bedrooms, but as living areas, large living rooms, or dining rooms that can be easily opened to these terraces and where in summer you can make dinners.

Good insulating materials

It is necessary to take into account good insulating materials, not only in the roofs to cover us from the heat. You also have to cover yourself in the question of maximum natural light penetration to the rooms, both the attic and the interiors, if you can project some kind of light from the attic. To make good enclosures, the bigger the better to make the most of natural light, and of course with thermal bridges and glass that are powerful in terms of climatic insulation.

The projection of attic terraces

How to make the most of a penthouse? Enjoying the views to the maximum and not only in the distribution of the exterior spaces -which are oriented to the outside- but in the terrace it is necessary to look for the enjoyment of the horizon when it is worth it. The height of a penthouse favours that the views are of exception so the distribution of the terrace has to be designed to see beyond. A widely used resource is the glass railings that do not hinder the views or when sitting on the outdoor seating, which always “lower” the level of the view with respect to the elements that delimit the terrace.

Mini-pools and hot tubs

Two elements that will help you make the most of your attic. The terraces of these, the larger ones, lend themselves to be used with a mini pool, outdoor bathtub, or jacuzzi, of course, also with an outdoor shower. The fact that there are no neighbours above gives privacy. In addition, the penthouse receives direct sunlight so that the water is at a good temperature and it is possible to sunbathe as a solarium. Of course, when facing a project of this type, it is advisable to consult with professionals to ensure that the structure of the building is prepared to support the weight of the water.

In the interior, if there are two floors…

In many cases, the top level of a building or block of apartments is intended for double-height penthouses with two duplex-type floors. In these cases, an idea to make the most of the interior decoration is to convert the staircase that connects the two levels into a decorative element that is integrated into the interior design and defines it.

3 Bedrooms Duplex Penthouse For Sale Eurotowers Gibraltar

Roof windows

This is another example of how to make living in an attic profitable: it is possible to open roof windows whether the roof is flat or sloped.

The right furniture

When decorating the terraces of the attics, you should keep in mind that the outdoor furniture should be chosen in terms of materials conveniently. That is to say, within the most common finishes in garden and terrace furniture, there are those that are more weather resistant than others. You must choose knowing if the furniture will be completely uncovered or under a roofed or protected area. And always keep in mind how you will store these pieces once the season is over. If your idea is to take advantage of the terrace throughout the year, plan a place to store the cushions and keep them handy.

Use plants in the outdoor space

Because they should never be missing on a terrace, if it is an attic use them to grant privacy in some area when you have a glass railing. Or to delimit environments outside. Plants give freshness, so their correct use will make you feel the space more refreshing when you water them. And in the cases of more urban penthouses, that green touch will connect with nature and can help you to make the view from the inside more pleasant if you have a building across the street.

Ideas for decorating your duplex

3 Bedrooms Duplex Penthouse For Sale Eurotowers GibraltarDue to its own idiosyncrasy, this type of construction has certain particularities. The first and main one has to do, precisely, with the existence of two floors. Beyond colours, coatings, or accessories, this fact focuses on any interior design project and opens a range of possibilities in terms of decoration.

That said, the first thing to think about when decorating a duplex is precisely the distribution. The upper level is usually intended for the night area, that is, the sleeping area that makes up the bedrooms and, if any, a bathroom or toilet. Meanwhile, the lower level is usually reserved for the daytime area, including the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. This ensures independence and privacy on both floors.

However, you also have to think about the furniture layout. The arrangement of the closets, for example, is key if we want to avoid unnecessary trips between one floor and the other.

Unlike the loft, so fashionable in recent times, duplexes usually maintain the independence of the levels that make them up. Thus, they open the door to a very interesting decoration idea: betting on different styles or decorations in each of them. Keeping in mind the need to give some visual coherence -mainly in the transitions, which is usually the space occupied by the staircase- you can create different environments.

Colour is one of the great allies of the decoration of this type of construction. Once the ideal distribution has been defined, dressing your rooms with the most appropriate tones will be really simple. Light and calm tones are ideal for the upper floor where, in general, the rest area is usually located. However, in the daytime area

Remember, however, that it is advisable not to mix more than three colours in the same room.

Having two floors has its advantages and disadvantages. However, regardless of one or the other, this condition turns the staircase into a major element of decoration. Hence the importance of choosing how you want to connect the two levels.

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Exclusive access to the lift lobby on the penthouse level. Key access only to the penthouse level. Option to purchase up to three parking spaces.

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