All the tricks to create reading spaces at home

create reading spaces at home

Intriguing novels, motivating self-help manuals, or thoughtful essays. No matter what kind of book captivates you, what is clear is that you will enjoy your hobby more if you set up appropriate reading spaces at home. Here you have the clues to enjoy at home one of life’s great pleasures.

A large percentage of the population reads books throughout the year.

It is important to have a corner specially dedicated to reading, however, the first rule is that there are no rules: the space must be designed according to the user’s preferences. But we are sure that these tips will help to enlighten your creativity.

Where to place reading spaces at home

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If you devour rather than read, you already know that this hobby can be practiced in any corner of the house, but having a specific space is more stimulating.

The first thing to do is to choose the location. If there is no library room, the most common is the living room, but many readers make reading a more relaxed act by choosing the bedroom. Other common locations include the office and even underutilized nooks and crannies such as stair landings or, outdoors, balconies and porches.

Select your reading spaces at home: Checklist

You’ve probably already found the ideal place, but before you start working on its design, consult this checklist, which will help you assess strengths and weaknesses:

  • Is it illuminated by a natural light source such as a window or balcony?
  • It has enough space
  • It is easy to locate a reading lamp
  • Maintains a comfortable temperature in all seasons of the year
  • Does not hinder the general activity of the other inhabitants of the house (if any)
  • Allows easy ventilation

Better sitting than lying down

1-Bedroom Apartment for sale in Kings Wharf Quay 27 GibraltarIt is time to choose the best complement to the book, the reading furniture. Here the recommendation is to opt for one that allows you to read sitting down, keeping your back at an angle of between 95° and 105°, and tucking in the lumbar area, which leads to the conclusion that the classic reading chair is the most suitable. This leads to the conclusion that the classic reading chair is the most suitable. And if you are a vintage lover, you can also opt for a good rocking chair to make reading spaces at home a pleasure.

But maybe you are one of those who like to accompany reading with the occasional snooze. In this case, the best option is to choose an armchair with a good footrest or pouf, either matching or not. In this option, the Eames Lounge chair – inspired by this great classic – is still an unbeatable design since the 1950s.

On the other hand, if the pretext is to open the book to take a nap, the advice is a chaise longue, very decorative if there is enough space. Another option is to find a small sofa or have a carpenter make a custom-made wooden base like a bed and upholster a cushion with a coquettish fabric. This solution also brings an auxiliary bed.

For the more alternative readers, there are other reading corners. The Mediterranean, Arabic, or Asian-inspired chill-out model is always effective for lovers of rugs and cushions. And for the outdoor reading corner, the hammock is much more comfortable if it has a divider, and the hammock.

Lighting, the great secret of reading spaces

If we are lucky enough to have natural light, it is best to let it in from the side. However, an alternative light source is always needed. When choosing it, take into account these variables:

Color temperature. Experts advise cool lighting with bulbs or LEDs above 5500° Kelvin (K). However, it may be more pleasant and decorative to opt for an intermediate or neutral light of 3400°K to 4200°K.
Power. It will depend on the type of lamp you opt for, but you should look for a power of 60W of the old incandescent bulbs, which is equivalent to 7W of an LED bulb. In any case, the best solution is to opt for a dimmable lamp that allows to adapt the intensity according to the exterior luminosity.
Location. Once again, the technical recommendation and the principles of decoration come into conflict. Contrary to popular belief, the best lighting for reading is from the ceiling, its beam is more diffused and regular, which softens the shadows. However, our reading corner is better when we opt for an adjustable floor lamp, which in the case of difficulties with space can be a reading lamp or a practical flexo clamp lamp.

Personalize your reading space at home

If our clues have convinced you, your reading corner is near a window, it will have a sofa, a pouf, and a floor lamp. When you have enough space, you should add a side table to put your book or e-reader and your cup of tea. The other essential, of course, is a sofa blanket and a cushion, elements that reinforce the feeling of comfort in all reading spaces.

The challenge is to get all these elements to dialogue harmoniously with each other and with the rest of the room. You can opt for classic designs such as the London Club or breakthroughs for these latitudes as the Moroccan chill-out. If you are looking for a less marked atmosphere, opt for a warm space in neutral colors combining different types of fabrics, perfect if you garnish it with a plant.

On the other hand, another trick to achieve unity in the set is to mount the reading spaces at home on a carpet suitable to the environment you are looking for, oriental-inspired or shaggy to achieve a more modern atmosphere. Another option is to play with contrasts, for example, in a more modern environment bet on an ear stand with wooden trim, or in a classic environment an avant-garde lamp.

The important thing is that the set invites you to relax and dive into the pages of a great book.

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