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Adventure sports on the Rock

Gibraltar is a unique, unrepeatable place where two seas and many cultures converge.

What to visit in Gibraltar: activities to discover The Rock.

We can approach Gibraltar by land, sea, and air. Flying over the Rock aboard a helicopter. Touching the clouds at the top of the Rock, in viewpoints from which you can perfectly see Africa, on the other side of the Strait. Sailing the bay in search of playful dolphins and much more.
Gibraltar has so much to see! It is 6 square kilometres that combine nature, heritage, and adventure.

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Gibraltar by air: a helicopter ride over the Rock.

Gibraltar has an airport. One of the most curious in the world, because to access the Rock you have to cross its runway. So on it, there is a continuous movement of people, cars, buses. Whose passage is closed every time a plane lands or takes off. One of the most exciting activities that can be done on a trip is to fly and admire a figure as impressive as the Rock. A rocky massif 426 meters high is known in classical mythology as one of the Pillars of Hercules. In the background, on the other side of a sea marbled with foam, the other “column”, under which sits the city of Ceuta.

Gibraltar by water: paddle surfing on the beach.

One of the best ways to start the day is exercising in Sandy Bay. This beach allows you to practice many sports such as paddle surfing or beach volleyball. Visit Gibraltar, Visit Gibraltar, Visit Gibraltar, Visit Gibraltar.

Whale watching in the bay.

But the waters of the Strait are not only ideal for marine sports. The bay is home to whales and dolphins that seek the shelter of the Rock as a place to breed. It is exciting to see how they approach between the waves, playing free. The most important thing is to do it responsibly: turn off the engines, do not chase or harass them – let them approach only if they want to – and never jump into the water or try to catch or touch them.

Gibraltar by land: Saint Michael´s Cave.

Gibraltar Nature Reserve - Real estate in Gibraltar

From the sea to the bowels of the earth. The Rock of Gibraltar is a limestone rock, porous, through which water seeps creating numerous cavities over thousands of years. Of all the openings and cavities, the only one that can be visited today is the cave of San Miguel, a deep chasm whose legend claimed that it had no end, communicating Gibraltar with Africa through an underwater tunnel. The upper floor -Cueva Alta- was used as a shelter and even a hospital and armament store during the Second World War. Today it houses a theatre with a capacity for 600 people. In the lower galleries, however, only those who dare to adventure sports can enter, as caving expeditions with rappelling and climbing are organized. Visit Gibraltar, Visit Gibraltar, Visit Gibraltar, Visit Gibraltar.

Between two continents: Trails and viewpoints of Gibraltar.

The silhouette of Africa is perfectly visible thanks to the westerly wind; the easterly, on the other hand, is accompanied by mist. There are several trails and viewpoints to enjoy Gibraltar from above:

Mediterranean Steps

This walk by stone stairs and stretches of dirt path is completed in an hour from the cemetery of the Jew’s Gate (Jew’s Gate), at the southern end of the nature reserve, to the O’Hara’s Battery, defence of the time of World War II. The trail ends at 419 meters above sea level, very close to the top of the Rock.

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar. The viewpoint of the Skywalk.

Glass floor to feel like walking in the sky. Below, the beaches and the sea surrounding the Rock. The Skywalk is a 360-degree viewpoint, to contemplate the bay, the Rock, and two continents.

Although there are other viewpoints in Gibraltar, which are worth a stop, especially to catch your breath if you go up on foot or by bicycle. The popular Cable Car also climbs to the top of the Rock, from the gardens of La Alameda, making three stops to admire these incredible views of southern Europe.

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The monkeys of Gibraltar: are the only ones in the wild in Europe.

Barbary monkeys roam the heights and edges of the railings of the viewpoints defying gravity. You are allowed to take pictures of them but you cannot touch them or feed them. They are primates that live in the wild -the only ones in the whole continent- in several herds distributed throughout the forests of the Rock. They cannot be described as wild, as they live very close to humans and are totally accustomed to their presence.

Gibraltar is a curious and eclectic place. A recommended place to go, come and visit Gibraltar.

Accommodation in Gibraltar

One of the best ways to enjoy Gibraltar is to stay in an apartment, especially if you want to stay for a while.
The west side of Gibraltar is a vibrant place full of stores, restaurants, bars, and supermarkets.
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