Tips to decorate very large spaces and get it right

You may have recently moved into a large apartment in Gibraltar and realized that you don’t have enough furniture to “fill it up”. A large space that is not properly furnished can give a feeling of emptiness, of coldness… And although minimalism is a line of decoration, if what you want is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you should decorate it.

Great ideas for decorating large spaces

When we have to create a pleasant, modern, and cozy atmosphere in a small living room, the task becomes hard and difficult. We can’t always choose the furniture we would like, we have to measure each element so as not to saturate the environment and we can’t use colors without taking into account the size of the room.

In those moments we would all like to have a very large space, which would give us endless possibilities to decorate to our liking. Who did not want more square meters?

However, we do not realize that a very large living room, with many square meters, can also cause us concern, especially when it is completely empty. Here are some functional recommendations so that this does not happen. Put them into practice and you will see how decorating very large spaces is not as complicated as it may seem at first.

Several areas in very large spaces

It is the first key that you should observe when creating an interior design in this type of large room: establish different areas within the room. Thus, in a very large living room, you can delimit a sitting area to watch TV, a play area for the little ones, a reading corner, or a work area in which to put a desk.

One of the things you have to take into account is to harmonize the decoration between all areas so that the interior design works as a whole. They should not look like disconnected corners, but there should be a connection between them.

Choose furniture according to the scale

You will have no problem choosing the furniture you prefer, no matter what size it is, but it is important that you take into account the scale. If the ceilings of the room are not too high, try to decorate with low furniture.

Also, think that in very large spaces it is not advisable to put all the furniture against the walls, as the result can be uncomfortable and strange. It is better to try to create delimited areas by placing the furniture also in the center of the room if that is better.

Uses architectural elements

Cast-iron columns, pillars of different materials, decorative moldings on ceilings and walls, friezes, different levels and heights, etc. All these elements can help you create rooms full of very cozy ornamental touches.

When it comes to separating the different environments within this type of very large space, you can use all kinds of furniture. For example, a bookshelf or a sideboard will serve to divide and delimit areas. Strategically placed sofas also create specific areas, as well as carpets.

The size of the objects

When using different decorative objects, you will have to take care of their size. On large, bare walls, it is best to use large-scale elements. Pictures or photographs in XXL format will attract the attention of your visitors.

The same goes for ornamental objects. Choose large vases and plants in containers. And if you are going to put small elements, group them in threes or fours.

Colors for very large spaces

If you have to decorate a large living room or an open-plan bedroom, go for a combination of a few colors. If you choose too many, the result will be overwhelming and overwhelming. The best are neutral colors, accompanied by some intense tone that brings character and personality.

In very large spaces you can opt for dark colors, as they will help you achieve a cozy feeling. You will not have to worry about the lack of luminosity. You can also decide on a combination of intense colors and neutral tones to compensate.

On the other hand, you don’t have to paint all the walls in a large room the same color. You can use several tones that harmonize with each other, marking a separation (a corner, for example). Use the same colors for textiles and decorative objects. This way you will create interesting atmospheres.

Different prints and design patterns

One tactic for creating visual interest in very large spaces is to mix different patterns in textiles. You can combine small flowers with larger ones, as well as geometric patterns, for example. Add different textures and you will get a great result.

You have already seen that decorating very large spaces also has its pluses and minuses and that an excess of square meters can sometimes be a headache. However, there are always strategies like the ones we have told you about to structure the space in the best possible way.

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