Relocating to Gibraltar with Children

Relocating to Gibraltar with Children: Advantages and Challenges

Life in Gibraltar offers many benefits, as it is one of the safest places in the world and has a high-quality education system, for a child, the expatriation experience has undeniable advantages. But leaving behind a familiar environment to move abroad is no small change in a child’s life. According to the latest Global Expatriates Observatory survey by Berlitz, 52% of expatriates consider the acclimatization of children to be an easy process.

Letting the child participate in the expatriation adventure

Whether you’re planning to embark on your first expatriation experience or you’ve already accumulated a whole collection of stays in foreign countries, you need to let your children know your plans well in advance. A child’s concerns about expatriation will depend on his or her age and personality. A three-year-old might be worried about what will happen to his or her toys, while a teenager might be reluctant to leave his or her circle of friends. Relocating to Gibraltar with children means Involving them in the process from the beginning is an effective way to gain their trust and to make them see expatriation as a positive and exciting change. There are many ways to involve children in the adventure:

  • Let them help with the moving by asking them to mark boxes or fill them with their belongings;
  • Ask them to help you with some of the paperwork and administrative procedures: enrolment in a foreign school, passport or visa applications, finding a new home, choosing an expatriate insurance policy, etc.;

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  • Sign them up for language courses;
  • Learn about their destination with them by consulting maps, reading guidebooks, registering for discussion forums, or suggesting they select the first places they will visit;
  • Help them choose extracurricular activities for when they arrive;
  • Talk often about their future life abroad with them, etc.

The more involved a child is and the more they know what to expect, the smoother the transition will tend to be.

Relocating to Gibraltar – Anticipating integration problems

Leaving everything behind and getting used to a new environment and new customs requires a great deal of adaptability. Although expatriate children often manage to acclimate to life abroad with astonishing speed, it is essential to be there for them during the integration process. There are a number of ways to help a child adjust when relocating to Gibraltar.

Provide opportunities for them to socialize

School is not the only place to make friends. Participating in extracurricular activities and socializing with other families will also result in children making friends.

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Adopt a new way of life without losing some old habits

Did you always play the same board game with the children on weekends? Did you all go to the pool together once a week? Whenever you can, keep these habits alive. Living in Gibraltar does not mean that you have to disown all the customs and “traditions” that your children enjoyed back home.

Language learning: Does your child need a little help?

If your tongue language is not English, young children are usually able to learn it easily. For a teenager, learning tends to be more tedious and in some cases, it may be advisable to enrol your child in language classes. In Gibraltar, there are several options to learn English and other languages, since it has private academies and also courses at the University. Relocating to Gibraltar.

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