Is it profitable to buy a property to rent in Gibraltar?

Property to rent in Gibraltar

Due to the high demand for rentals, there are many people who are considering the possibility of buying a property to rent in Gibraltar, as it is a territory that is characterized by offering great advantages to investors and its impressive economic growth.

Building for sale in Gibraltar


Gibraltar attracts workers from many places who wish to settle here and this has made renting the preferred option for the population. Also, young people consider renting to be more affordable than buying a home because they do not have to carry the burden of a mortgage.

Experts in the sector assure us that this is the ideal moment. The return on investment of a rented property has increased. Property to rent in Gibraltar, Property to rent in Gibraltar, Property to rent in Gibraltar.

Generally speaking, renting is faster than selling. In highly sought-after areas, advertised properties take only days or even hours to be rented. Property to rent in Gibraltar, Property to rent in Gibraltar.

A rented property generates money on a regular basis. If there is no problem every month you will have assured liquidity.

In houses of more than 150 square meters, the profitability is higher.


Profitability is one of the most important benefits that buying a property to rent can offer you.

If you are thinking of investing money that you have saved in the bank, it is a great option, as long as your economic conditions are favourable and also those of the market.

Owning a physical asset

Freehold Building For Sale Off Main Street

Buying a house to rent means having a tangible asset, all of which generates security for the investor.

Buying a house to rent means long-term insurance for the person who does it. If for some circumstance its value were to fall or there were problems in the real estate market, it would be possible to obtain more profitability than if we had invested the money in another way, for example, buying shares.

You get money on a regular basis

A great advantage of buying a house to rent is renting the property to stable tenants. This will translate into secure money every month for us. It will also provide us with liquidity.

It is important to study to whom we are going to rent the house, to know their pay checks, work, and stability so that a situation of non-payment cannot occur, and thus, to have economic help in our bank account every month.

Recommendations for investing in real estate

It is necessary to take into account the real characteristics of the property. Some of the factors that can influence the price are the square meters, the number of rooms, or if it has a balcony or terrace. Knowing the needs of the market and your target audience in particular, will help you to rent the apartment faster and at the best market price.
Also keep in mind that the more centrally located the property is, the more demand it will have.

Freehold Building For Sale Off Main Street

The advantages of buying an apartment building

Although buying a real estate property is a complex process and requires a large investment when there is sufficient capital to be able to invest on a large scale, the purchase of an apartment building can generate a great return for the future owner.

Making a large profit

The profit potential obtained when buying an apartment building is much higher since it allows one to obtain profitability in a quick way and to reach short and long-term financial goals.

More options to choose from compared to a single-family home

When buying a single-family home you invest all your money in a single property, however, in an apartment building, there are different options to choose the size, type of building, and apartments available, so you can find a more suitable place to invest.

Cheaper investment

Although at first glance the price of an apartment building could be expensive, the truth is that you are investing in a profitable business, since each apartment can be rented or sold and therefore have profitability in the short and medium term.

Currently, the Co-living phenomenon makes investing in an apartment building to house students or workers and preparing the building as a shared accommodation complex a very important business opportunity for those investors and developers who want to invest in an alternative to the traditional leasing model.

Investing in a property with great potential in Gibraltar Town Area

Freehold Building For Sale Off Main Street

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR has at your disposal a freehold building off Main Street; consisting of a three-bed apartment, a two-bed apartment, and a one-bed apartment, with a terrace on top. The one and two-bed apartments are in need of modernization, however, the price reflects this. Has some original features including a fireplace. 22msq roof terrace at the top of the building with the town and rock views. This property has immense potential and a viewing is highly recommended to see all the options this apartment offers.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact our sales specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, he can assist you in English and Spanish.

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