Why Moving to Gibraltar after retirement is Perfect

Moving to Gibraltar – Retire to Gibraltar – Retire to Gibraltar from the UK

Moving to Gibraltar or retire in Gibraltar. When a person retires after years of hard work, they find themselves with a great deal of time that was previously unavailable to them. As a result, many choose to enjoy doing various activities such as learning languages or playing an instrument, discovering a new hobby, or writing.

Others, after a lifetime of living in the same city where they have been employed, move to another place or country to spend the next few years. Retire to Gibraltar from the UK is the perfect choice.

Gibraltar is a small British territory surrounded mainly by water. Although the area of Gibraltar is small, tourism is constantly booming.
In addition, living in Gibraltar is very comfortable and it is a territory to which it is easy to adapt.

Required documents

EU and EEA nationals require the following documents in order to apply for a residence permit in Gibraltar:

• Passport or identification card
• Employment Training Board registration
• Proof of accommodation in Gibraltar
• Passport-sized photograph
• Fee

In addition to these documents, self-employed individuals also require a business registration certificate, a certificate from the Department of Social Security and an Employment Training Board registration as self-employed.

Retired or self-sufficient individuals require proof of income in the form of pension payments or bank statements from a local bank and private medical insurance. UK nationals must inquire at the Department for Work and Pensions about their eligibility for transferring their NHS cover to Gibraltar.

moving to Gibraltar - Real estate in Gibraltar


Gibraltar is known for its Mediterranean climate and is a blessing for those who like a warm climate. Gibraltar offers its residents sunny days and mild winters.

Occasionally, there is rainfall during the winter. Although these do not occur regularly, they bring significant relief to Gibraltar’s overall climatic condition. During the summer, humidity is low but temperatures can be high.

However, due to its position in the homonymous strait and the presence of the rock (a promontory 426 meters high), it has a particular microclimate, protected from both the great cold and the torrid heat.

Rainfall amounts to almost 800 millimetres per year and has a Mediterranean tendency, in fact, it is most abundant from November to February, when it is equal to or greater than 100 millimetres per month (and in some years it has been decidedly abundant), while it becomes very rare in summer.

Medical Care

The medical care offered is very important, especially for foreigners seeking to emigrate. Gibraltar’s medical service is of very high quality.

Both private and public clinics can be found in this territory, although it is best known for tourism and its military. Gibraltar has made sure to maintain a good infrastructure as far as the health sector is concerned, and is committed to continually improving it.

Tax Advantages

Gibraltar is known for its low taxes, with no VAT, no sales tax, no capital gain tax and no inheritance tax. This makes it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs, businesses, and retirees who want to enjoy a more favourable tax environment.

With a stable and transparent tax system, Gibraltar has become a hub for financial and business services in the region.


Gibraltar has an international airport with between 4 and 5 daily flights to and from the United Kingdom. The airlines are BA and EasyJet. Moreover, Malaga airport is only 90 minutes away by car and offers a wide range of destinations worldwide.
Public transport is excellent and efficient.

Real estate in Gibraltar


Since Gibraltar became known for its tourism, shopping in the area grew by a good percentage.

In Gibraltar, you can find luxury stores and high-end services.

Due to the large number of tourists, the number of restaurants, sports stadiums, discos, and pubs is enormous. In addition to this type of entertainment, it is possible to do activities to connect with nature such as hiking, cycling, or just strolling along the beautiful coastline of Gibraltar.

Sports and recreational activities

Sport is an important part of Gibraltar’s culture and a place for the inhabitants of the Rock to get together.

Its good weather almost all year round allows the practice of outdoor sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, or tennis.
It is also possible to enjoy activities such as scuba diving since it is one of the favourite destinations for divers because it is a world-famous place for its artificial reefs. Gibraltar has one of the most spectacular underwater landscapes in the world.
Another of the most popular activities in Gibraltar is bicycle tours. This way of discovering Gibraltar allows us to enjoy the breath-taking views of 3 countries and 2 continents.

Real Estate

2 Bedroom Apartment To Let in GibraltarAlthough space is very limited, the people of Gibraltar have been able to use it effectively and efficiently by making the best of its potential. In this way, they can live comfortably without sacrificing luxury.

Buildings are quite tall, and in general, there are more luxury properties available than small, affordable homes.

Gibraltar is a paradise for foreigners. The diverse facilities together with the benefits of living in this territory have attracted many foreigners over the last few years.

Gibraltar is a strategic point of connection for several airports in Europe and the world, and therefore it has become a second home for many citizens who have been able to adapt to life here, enjoying the sun and the beaches and getting some of the best benefits in Europe.

Renting an apartment in Gibraltar is one of the best options to enjoy retirement and the excellent quality of life it offers, and for this, it is best to rely on the services offered by a real estate agency.
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