How to prepare a vacation apartment to sell after the summer?

Believe it or not, the best time to sell a house is after the summer. During the holiday period many people, apart from relaxing, take their time to make important decisions and look for a change in their life. If you are one of those who have set the goal of selling your home before the end of the year, then this article will come in handy. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about how to prepare a vacation apartment to sell after the summer.

Steps to get a property ready to sell it

1-Bedroom Apartment to let in Kings Wharf Quay Gibraltar

It is important to keep in mind that for your property to sell quickly and well, it is necessary to prepare the apartment for sale. In this way, we will improve its appearance and can attract a lot of potential buyers. And not only that, preparing it and fixing small flaws will also increase the price of the house. So you will be able to sell the house for more money.

To do this we must follow a few steps to have a property ready for sale. They are as follows:

Step 1: Organize and tidy up

Before putting your home on the real estate market offers in your area, tidying it up and cleaning it is simply necessary. These are some of the tasks to perform:

  • Remove unnecessary items to de-clutter the living space.
  • Visually arrange all the decorative elements.
  • Bathe your home with an air freshener or a special perfume for the home.
  • Try to depersonalize the house as much as possible, removing personal photographs, portraits, and other types of personalized elements.

When a house is tidy and clean, without excess furniture and other elements, the interested parties will be able to visualize their life in it and thus obtain a more pleasant impact. And of course, this task brings a lot of value and success when selling a property.

Step 2: Maintenance and small repairs

During the vacations, the days you are in the house you want to sell, you can dedicate yourself to making small repairs and repairs to your home. From fixing a drawer that didn’t close to cleaning the pipes and checking that the lights are working properly. These repairs will influence in a very positive way to the final decision of the possible buyers.

Step 3: Cleaning and disinfecting

A shiny apartment will always be a plus in the buying and selling process. Cleaning the floors, dusting the surfaces, and disinfecting the most hidden corners of rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. These are some of the household chores that we will have to do to prepare your apartment for sale after the vacation so that it is spotless to receive visitors. And if necessary, we recommend you hire a cleaning service so that the result is even better.

Step 4: Minimalist and neutral decoration

A depersonalized and neutral house will bring better sensations to the interested party. So, if you have a house with excess decoration or very personalized, we recommend you make small adjustments in the decoration to make it as neutral and attractive as possible. In addition, this way, your home will attract different styles of buyers, that is, you will have more interest in your property, since this space with neutral colors and simple decoration will help them to project themselves in it.

Step 5: Highlight the best spaces

What is the most attractive thing about your apartment? A terrace, the views, the finishes of the kitchen, the patio, the garden. Whatever the space is, it is vital that you highlight it in order to add value to your home and attract quality buyers to the property.

Step 6: Photographic report

When you have the apartment ready for sale, there is only one last step to take: the photographic report of the house. With these photographs, we will be able to highlight the best spaces and features of the property for sale.

Post-holiday real estate market

1-Bedroom Apartment for sale in Kings Wharf Quay 27 Gibraltar

The post-holiday real estate market is a very interesting and curious topic, and it is important to understand it well. The summer season is the perfect time for many people to look for opportunities to relocate before the start of next year or even to locate a home before the school year begins.

This tells us that there are a large number of interested parties in the real estate market in your area willing to buy a home in the short term, a perfect opportunity for you.

Real estate experts to advise you on the sale

Now you know how to prepare a vacation apartment to sell after the summer and sell your property fast. Easy and simple! If you are on vacation and have enough time to fix the house, from here we encourage you to do it following the steps we have mentioned above.

And if you want to get a better result, we advise you to consult your case with a real estate agency. CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR brings their services since 2012, they are experts in the local market of Gibraltar. They work hard to ensure that their entire team maintains a personal, professional, and direct service to their clients. When making a decision as important as selling a property, it is advisable to leave it in professional hands.

1-Bedroom Apartment for sale in Kings Wharf Quay 27 GibraltarLiving in Kings Wharf Quay 27, Gibraltar

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Residents of King’s Wharf can take advantage of a secure marina-side lifestyle, the building is situated not only within a short walk of the prestigious Queensway Quay Marina with its superb restaurant, but it is also within walking distance of the city center and of Europort commercial district as well as a local supermarket and the hospital.

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