Gibraltar: An ideal place to work remotely

Living in Gibraltar has many advantages, the southern district is the ideal place. A paradise with nature, good weather, and all kinds of services.
At a time when stress and dissatisfaction seem to reign in our daily lives, living near the sea and breathing the coastal air gives us calm and helps us to relax. Science confirms this, for example, Matthew White, a professor at the University of Exeter, investigated the impact of moving near the sea and concluded that the environmental changes of the coast, such as tides, changes in sound and light, or the movement of the waves generate a calming energy that diverts us from negative thoughts. In addition, oxygen helps us reduce our blood pressure and improves the quality of our sleep.

1 Bedroom apartment for sale in south district gibraltar

What is the ideal home to work remotely?

Working remotely is much easier and more productive if you have a spacious, well-lit home with a good Internet connection and sufficient space.

The pandemic has shown us that telecommuting can be tough if you don’t have a comfortable space that encourages productivity and allows you to separate your work life from your personal life.

One of the consequences of teleworking is that there is less time away from home and less opportunity to clear your mind during the day. For this reason, a home with a terrace where you can take a break outdoors and take a breather during work is a feature increasingly demanded. Likewise, a house with pleasant spaces where you can take a break or have a coffee will benefit productivity during the time you are working.

A quiet and well-lit place

1 Bedroom apartment for sale in south district gibraltarWhen choosing the space where the work area will be located, it is important that it is quiet and free of distractions. It is not always possible to have a room dedicated exclusively to teleworking, however, a person who lives alone in a small apartment, for example, can use the living room as an office, since during his working hours he will not use it for any other purpose.

Two other features are important when looking for the location for the workplace: quietness and natural light. These two factors will make teleworking more pleasant, help productivity and even improve health. The southern district of Gibraltar is an ideal place for this, as it is one of the quietest areas, as well as enjoys a particular micro-climate.

Having a noise-free space will favor concentration and make calls or telematic meetings easier. Natural light, on the other hand, will help to improve the mood as well as not having to strain the eyes and use less artificial light, which in turn will save on electricity bills.

Another of the premises that this work area must meet is to have good telephone coverage and Internet connection since the cell phone and the computer are certainly our two main work tools.

A functional and pleasant space

Comfortable, functional, pleasant, and with a personal touch. This is how the place in the house for teleworking should be since many hours a day will be devoted to this task. The choice of light-colored furniture will facilitate concentration and avoid visual fatigue. If this furniture also allows an efficient and comfortable organization, with the existence of filing cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other options, the work will be much easier.

As for the decoration, it should ideally be discreet enough to avoid distractions, without being impersonal. After all, many hours are spent at work, so giving it a touch of its own will help you feel a little more at ease, without falling into excessive objects that divert attention.

Good artificial lighting and a comfortable chair, adjustable in height and that fits well to the back are two tools with which you can avoid ailments, so they play a very important role when designing the workspace at home.

Apartment for sale in the south district of Gibraltar

1 Bedroom apartment for sale in south district gibraltar

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR offers you a bright low-floor studio apartment that has been converted to a one-bedroom, located in Rosia Dale in the south district. Easy access to local amenities including St Josephs’s First and middle school, and the lovely facilities at Rosia and Camp Bay. The communal area offers permitted parking.

Three-year Gibraltar residency restriction applies.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact our sales specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, he can assist you in English and Spanish

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