Flat for sale in Gibraltar: 6 Advantages of double-glazed windows

Flat for sale in Gibraltar
Flat for sale in Gibraltar

Flat for sale in Gibraltar: Double glazing is one of the best systems for windows because it saves money in the long term, reduces condensation in the environment, minimizes external noise pollution, and is virtually unbreakable. But these are not the only advantages.

Before getting into the subject, it is necessary to clarify -because there is some confusion about it- that one thing is double glazed window, and another, a double window.

Flat for sale in Gibraltar

Both systems serve to save energy and money while achieving thermal and acoustic insulation. But their effectiveness, in all aspects, is different.

Double glazing means the installation of another window on the inside or outside of the existing one.

Indeed, a certain thermal and acoustic insulation is achieved, but it is not the best system. It also has the disadvantage that in cold weather it generates a lot of condensation between the windows, which requires continuous cleaning.

Flat for sale in Gibraltar: Double glazed window

Double glazing is basically composed of two panes of glass separated by a chamber of dehydrated air or gas. It is a better system than double glazing, although there are tastes for everyone.

The quality and the result that can be obtained from double-glazing insulation are influenced by the two factors that make up the system: the glass and the air chamber.

The glass factor

The thickness of the glass has a positive or negative influence on the extent to which the glass is thicker or thinner.

The quality of the glass also plays a role. There is a wide range of glasses that improve the quality of those considered normal: those of reinforced glass; and those that control the amount of solar energy that enters the interior to a greater extent than normal glass.

The special ones that, in spite of being thinner, are more resistant; those that increase the light, etc.

Currently, self-cleaning crystals are being developed; others darken or lighten according to the amount of light they receive, etc. The field of research is growing rapidly.

The air chamber

The other factor – the thickness of the air chamber between the two sheets – influences the greater or lesser the insulation the thicker or thinner it is. The optimum is 16 millimetres, although this depends on many variables.

Combination of glass and air

In the combinations of double glazing digits that we will find, the first and last digits correspond to the thickness of the glass, and the middle digit to the thickness of the air space between the panes.

For example, in combination 4-16-4, the first and last digits (4) indicate the thickness of the glass in millimetres; the middle digit (16) indicates the thickness of the air space also in millimetres.

There are many combinations. The greater the number of combinations, the better the insulating power, although, logically, the price of the windows varies in the same proportion.

Flat for sale in Gibraltar: Advantages of double-glazed windows

The installation of double-insulated windows has several advantages that we list.

1 – Durable goods

To date, the replacement of old windows with double-insulated windows is not cheap. However, it should be borne in mind that windows are elements that, once installed, will last for a long time, so it is very important to know how to choose the best combination of glazing and profile, to enjoy the optimum performance.

Flat for sale in Gibraltar
Flat for sale in Gibraltar

2 – Energy efficiency

We must also consider the savings that this will bring in the long term, which will more than offset the cost of the investment. Undoubtedly, if a more efficient thermal insulation system is installed, the better-insulated house will save energy and, consequently, money.

In summer, spending on air conditioning will be less because less heat from outside will need fewer degrees and less time of operation and, for the same reason, in winter, spending on heating because the heat is not lost to the outside.

In the long run, the investment made will be justified economically, and in terms of comfort and comfort conditions will be from its installation.

3 – Moisture reduction

Another positive effect of double glazing is the reduction of condensation, which is the conversion of water vapour into droplets. Moisture can make the room feel colder, forcing the temperature in the home to rise.

However, the air between the two layers of glass, in addition to the airtight seal, prevents condensation from building up by blocking moisture in cold climates.

4 – Sound Insulation

The sound insulation achieved with double-glazed windows is another positive factor to consider. There is a lot of concern about air pollution and not so much about noise pollution which, according to medical studies, has a great influence on people’s health.

In areas where the noise generated by road traffic, machine operation, etc., is considerable, it is very useful and convenient to install systems, such as double glazing, to reduce this nuisance as much as possible. The greater comfort obtained will contribute to a better quality of life.

5 – Virtually unbreakable

Another advantage of double-glazed windows is that they are more difficult to break than single-glazed windows, making them safer, especially if there are children in the house.

Also, furniture, carpets, paintings, etc. suffer less damage from the entry of light and heat from the sun that can discolour and dry them out.

In addition, if we combine double glazing with a good insulating profile, we will achieve an optimum level of thermal insulation for our homes.

6 – Environmental savings

Glass contributes to the environment both in its manufacture and in its recycling. Natural elements, such as sand, are involved in its manufacture, and the technological processes used minimize the environmental impact. In addition, it can be recycled.

The insulation provided by the composition of double-glazed windows, in turn, leads to significant savings in heating and cooling systems, which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, so important in combating the greenhouse effect.

In addition, acoustic insulation helps to reduce noise pollution, which is very common in cities.

Windows are elements that, once installed, will last a long time in our homes, so it is very important to know how to choose the best combination of glazing and profile, to enjoy the benefits and savings that this will bring us in the long term.

Flat for sale in Gibraltar with double glazing

Flat for sale in Gibraltar
Flat for sale in Gibraltar

Flat for sale in Gibraltar: CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR is pleased to offer this 1-bedroom 2 2-bathroom flat located in the recently completed eco-build of Arengos Gardens development.

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The development has a state-of-the-art gymnasium and changing room facilities, plus a rooftop swimming pool and extensive sun deck. From here there are jaw-dropping panoramic views across Spain and Morocco.

There is also a fully fitted communal laundry room including industrial washing, drying machines, and ironing stations.

There is also a fully fitted communal laundry room including industrial washing, drying machines, and ironing stations.

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