Apartment with en suite bathroom – Best for a Couple

Apartment with En suite bathroom is one of the best options for a couple. Here you will have the privacy that we sometimes seek so much, without anyone bothering you.

Advantages of having an apartment with en suite bathroom

The advantages of having a private bathroom in the bedroom are enormous. The main thing is that you will have much more privacy. This is because you will not have to share the bathroom with anyone, being this part of the home very special for many people.

If you have children at home, all the more reason you will need a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. This way you will be able to perfectly separate your bathroom from your children’s bathroom. This is also the case if the general bathroom is for both family members and visitors. With en suite bathrooms you can take relaxing showers or spend as much time as you want in it without any hurry.

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Safety at night

No one likes to wander around at night, in the dark, and find the bathroom. Stumbling down the hallway or stairs isn’t always the safest thing to do. That’s why having a bathroom attached to your bedroom is awesome.

Separating from the kids

Let’s face it, sharing a bathroom with kids isn’t ideal. So giving them their own bathroom and keeping one for yourself will save you a lot of headaches.

Easy cleanup

When only one or two people use a bathroom, it stays pretty clean. When those two people are adults working together. Master bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms are much easier to clean than other bathrooms.

If you’re the only one using it, you won’t need to clean the bathroom very often. If two people use it, they can take turns and clean it less frequently.

Give guests their own space

Having an en suite bathroom in the guest room is a great idea. If you have guests often, it’s even better. They can have their own space, even in the bathroom.

Making your guest room as comfortable as possible is thoughtful. As long as it doesn’t take away from the quality of life your family lives.

How to make your bedroom with en suite bathroom cosier?

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If you are looking to make this room together much cosier, there are different ways. The first is to make the spaces feel separate, giving a sense of privacy. The second would be to decorate the en-suite bathroom with warm elements such as candles, plants, and natural elements.

Another option is to make your room a suite with a dressing room and bathroom. By unifying two parts like this, you make getting out of the shower and getting dressed much more comfortable. You will feel more warmth and comfort. This option is becoming the most demand in the new reforms of these spaces.

Elements to make your en suite bathroom even better

If you have a spacious bathroom, the main thing you can do is put in a double sink. So each will have its space to make your routine to get up and go to bed. This is one of the best options, since this way there will be no conflicts if you have very similar schedules in the morning.

Make available large drawers or elements where both of you can keep all your things. This way neither of you will feel like you are invading their space or moving their things.

A bedroom with an integrated bathroom was until now something unthinkable in a house, you could only enjoy it if you stayed in the suite of a modern luxury hotel. This concept has changed, and although the usual is that the master bedroom has its own bathroom, bedrooms with integrated bathrooms are the top in the trends of the year in decoration.
The option of having a bedroom with an integrated bathroom brings comfort, functionality, aesthetics, and exclusivity.
There are many advantages to having an en-suite bathroom. Most people see an en suite bathroom as an advantage when buying or renting a new home.

Two Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Clifftop House

Apartment with en suite bathroom - Best choice for a Couple

CENTURY 21 GIBRALTAR has at your disposal a 86M2 2-bedrooms apartment in The Clifftop House. It has two bathrooms, one of them en suite, which makes it ideal for a family. It has incredible sea views and 12M2 terrace and good lighting.

The property also benefits from a private double lock-up garage included in the rental price.

Contact our rental specialist, Vishal Mulchandani, and enjoy all the advantages of living in this unique territory, Tel: +350 56285000Email: rentals@century21gibraltar.com.

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