Advantages of living in an apartment with a swimming pool

Apartment with a swimming pool. Nowadays, having a pool at home is something much more common than we can imagine. The most economical option and that allows us to have a better social life is the communal pool since you share maintenance costs and you share this space with your neighbours.

It is becoming more and more common for new developments to implement swimming pools in common areas. Here we explain why you should have a pool in your community.

Advantages of living in an apartment with a swimming pool

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Summer in your pool

One of the situations that can occur in the summer months is the impossibility of scheduling vacations, for example, with your partner and children, so having a pool in your own building can save you the summer and, moreover, with less expense. Not only on vacations we can enjoy from space, but a good option is also to leave work, on weekends or just hang out enjoying the sun’s rays.

Having a swimming pool in the building is a great leap in quality of life. With the arrival of the summer heat, we have all dreamed of having a pool to cool off and fully enjoy the good weather.

Promotes social relations

It is a place to disconnect and interact with others. Generally, swimming pools are the favourite place for the little ones and that makes, many times, that there is a greater connection between neighbours.

Lying in the sun, with the possibility of cooling off at any time makes your stress levels touch a minimum and you can fully enjoy your vacations or weekends. Even the little ones in the house can have their group of friends in the same building, with all the security that it supposes for the parents to have them controlled at home.

In addition, all this is just a minute away from your door and without the need to move. Thanks to this space you can increase your social relationships in your own building.

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Practice sports

Having a pool at home gives you the possibility to do a multitude of exercises in it. Swimming, aqua-gym, aqua-HIIT, or aqua-yoga are some of the most common techniques to exercise in the water.

Doing sport in the water brings many benefits, such as increasing your endurance, reducing the risk of injury because the water limits the impact on joints and muscles, improving flexibility, and generally improving your health.

One option is to hire instructors from the whole community at a very economical price and where all families can participate. In addition, they usually include the option of games for children so your peace of mind and rest are assured.

Apartment with a rooftop swimming pool

Anyone who has a swimming pool knows the pleasure of enjoying the coolness of the water outdoors in the summer period, but there are many more reasons to think about the possibility of living in an apartment with a rooftop pool.

One of these reasons is energy saving. An installation of this type acts as a thermal regulator, not only because of the presence and the coolness that our pool can provide but also because there are usually other elements that lower the temperature, such as awnings, plants, or even microclimate areas.

Thanks to this, terraces and rooftops are used during the summer (something that previously could only be done as a solarium) and as such, in addition to enjoying more time outdoors, the consumption derived from air conditioning is reduced.

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